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Archus, Darkness Incarnate is a second Major Boss in Monster Train.

Before Relentless, he places varying Darkshards on the train, depending on the combat. There are 3 total Darkshards:

He is featured in the following Ring 6 combats:

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Fel spoke of another sibling only once, saying he was both dark of wing and of mind. Seraph has also alluded to the imprisonment of their "forsaken brother", but my memory fails to provide more details on the mysterious Archus.

Battle Quotes[]

  • Has Herzal not regaled you with the tale of the Shardstones? Of his role in their creation?
  • The Child had no right to make us its playthings.
  • How is my dear sister? Still banished to the ground?
  • My Brother's Light cannot illuminate the Darkness.
  • Father, Mother, Child. The divinities have forsaken us.
  • Wyngh and the other Titans be damned. They created no peace.
  • My siblings are not Titans, despite what you may think.
  • And what has come of Malicka and Herzal? Have they deserted you as well?
  • This creation, the Three Realms, all of it was doomed from the beginning.
  • For the Mother's creation!
  • For the Father's Control!
  • You are doomed to cycle forever!
  • How many times must you defeat my brother before you start to question this reality?
  • The Child's Darkness consumes all!
  • These Realms will languish for eternity.
  • The Exiles have failed, and now you are mine.
  • Hell has become disgusting in the millenia I've been gone...
  • Were the humans even worth it?
  • There are no Divinities to save you now.
  • It seems the humans have abandoned you even after your sacrifice. How ironic.
  • Time to rid the Realm of your filth.
  • The Exodus created the power my brother wields. It also created me.


Together with Talos and Seraph the Patient. Archus was introduced in the Friends and Foes Update.