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For the major boss, see: Archus

"Using unknown, ancient powers, Archus summons shards of the Divinities to halt your advance."
— Combat Description

Archus, Darkness Incarnate: Sin of Darkness is a combat that can appear in Ring 6.

In this combat, the boss, Archus, will place Darkshards on the train every turn before Relentless, applying varying effects. Darkshards are Phased, and therefore cannot be removed or nullified, but they also naturally expire after 1 turn. He alternates between the following:

The enemy waves in this combat feature Clipped Reflectors and Overcharged Tanks.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-2) Enemies (Cov 3-25)
1 Sycophant | Sycophant | Sycophant Sycophant | Sycophant | Sycophant
2 Clipped Reflector | Quill Marksman Clipped Reflector | Quill Marksman
3 Clipped Reflector | Sycophant | Sycophant Clipped Reflector | Sycophant | Sycophant
4 Clipped Guardian | Clipped Guardian Clipped Guardian | Clipped Guardian
5 Overcharged Tank | Sycophant Overcharged Tank | Clipped Guardian | Sycophant
6 Overcharged Tank | Quill Marksman Overcharged Tank | Quill Marksman
7 Overcharged Tank Overcharged Tank
8 Archus Archus