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Ashes of the Fallen is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


According to the Hellhorned, the dead are never really gone. Their remains are cremated and used as warpaint to imbue warriors with great strength and to remind them of their eventual return to the ground.


Ashes of the Fallen makes Summon abilities trigger an additional time, which on a standard run means that such effects are doubled in potency.

Ashes of the Fallen's strength obviously depends on the amount of Summon abilities your deck has, but it doesn't take very many of them for this to be a good Artifact for your deck, and if you lean into such effects, Ashes of the Fallen can easily win the entire run for you. If you see this and use Summon abilities in any significant way, you will almost always want this Artifact. It is worth speculatively taking at the beginning of a run even if your deck lacks Summon abilities unless your deck has more pressing needs.

Ashes of the Fallen mostly affects Imps, so Imp-cicle, Queen's Tail, and other things that benefit Imps will naturally synergize with Ashes of the Fallen as you will want Imps to play a prominent role in your run with this.

It is worth noting that there are a few other Summon abilities and essences aside from imps in other clans (The Last Divinity (DLC) only) - list here - that are worth keeping an eye out for with this Artifact, as they have ways to become quite strong with this Artifact.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Ashes of the Fallen.
1.0.7 Dante no longer gets buffed by Ashes of the Fallen.