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Awoken Clan Awoken.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"Gather the Awoken of the Wildwood Forest. Hollows and Animus are supported by healing Channelers."

The Awoken Clan Awoken.png are the defensive clan in Monster Train that sustains its powerful, high-HP units with both burst healing and healing over time using Regen. Awoken decks mainly rely on two mechanics in order to deal damage: Spikes and Rejuvenate. The Awoken also include a number of damage-oriented units such as Animus of Speed and Animus of Will that are able to deal strong sustained damage if protected behind sturdier units. Regardless of their specific win condition, Awoken decks depend on playing strong front-line units and keeping them alive in order to achieve victory.



Banner Units



Card Unlocks[]

  1. Sentient (unlocked by default)
  2. Spreading Spores, Gnarled Root
  3. Razorsharp Edge, Priory's Cloak
  4. Animus of Speed, Vinemother
  5. Wyldenten, Bramble Lash, Thorn Casing
  6. Shard Channeler, Sap Tap
  7. Shattered Shell, Pyre-Gro
  8. Awoken's Rail Spike
  9. Edge Prior
  10. Adaptive Mutation