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Bone Dog's Favor is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Card in Monster Train.


As hellish as he is, Bone Dog isn't from this realm. The Awoken Channelers have traced him back to some unknown land ruled by one with no face. When we found him, we almost left him behind, but he's such a good boy.


While Bone Dog's Favor is a rare card, once its card is mastered, the alternative to purge becomes a very good choice and it can often be better to take the purge option. When score is important for a run, healing back pyre damage in a fight can however improve the player's ranking.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone is a highly recommended (and the only relevant) upgrade for Bone Dog's Favor, letting it restore 5 Pyre health per turn for the remainder of the battle once drawn without needing to draw it again.
Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png Holdover also allows for Bone Dog's Favor to return to your hand. However takes up a draw and is as such not nearly as useful.


See: Version History

Originally Bone Dog's Favor was a rare drop from the Abandoned Train Event if the train does not collapse after the third card is obtained. As the chance for this event to happen was extremely low, many players finished the logbook and were missing only this card. This frustration led the game developers to add a new event in Herzal's Workshop increasing Bone Dog's frequency. The frequency was, in a later version and together with removal of the Halloween Cosmetics, decreased to what it is now.

Bone Dog is a reference to Shiny Shoe's previous game Death's Door.

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Bone Dog's Favor.
1.3.0 moved Bone Dog to his own event and removed him from the potions event. Made Bone Dog more common.
1.3.3 reduced the frequency Bone Dog appears. It's still more common than it was before the Herzal's Workshop update.