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Broken Wheel is an Artifact in Monster Train that can be found in the Concealed Caverns, specifically the Malicka Mutator event. After two combats, it can be replaced with the Immortality Potion.


What’s the point of this struggle between Heaven and Hell if we’re caught up in this endless cycle anyway? Cycles were meant to be broken, just like rules! Even if I were the one to invent those rules...


Although intended to make your run more difficult, the artifact can be helpful by quickly purging obsolete units for free. Examples are starter units like Train Stewards, Dregs or Queen's Implings.

The artifact should only be taken after good consideration. If your deck relies on unit deaths, this relic will lead to a loss. Examples are Hatch units or reform decks. (Endless units are not affected by this Artifact, as they are not purged on death.)


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Broken Wheel.