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Capricious Reflection is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Waters touched by fragments of the lost Divinities show us reflections of another world. A world where the Divine Mother governed over the creation of life and the responsibility of death. Given the purview of her powers, it follows that her destruction created the many immortal beings of Heaven and Hell and led to our current predicament.


Capricious Reflection gives all drafts an upgrade, saving you lots of Gold over the course of a run, allowing you to visit fewer Merchants, and letting you draft more cards, as doing so does not dilute your deck's upgrade density.

You will need to be flexible as to what strategy you use to use this Artifact to its full potential, as it can effectively reduce your card choices by offering cards with upgrades that don't make sense, such as as Bounty Stalker with a Runestone.

If obtained early in a run, Capricious Reflection allows you to have a bigger deck than other runs, since it gives you one upgrade per card you add, and you will be offered several spells with a Keepstone upgrade, letting your deck have a focus despite its larger size. This also means you will likely want to plan on taking Herzal's Compound after Ring 3 and 6, since Holdover spells can otherwise limit your ability to cycle through the deck.

Capricious Reflection is occasionally taken if no substantially superior alternative is offered. Its upside in offering powerful upgrades for free (Multistrike on core units, Doublestack on utility spells) may outweigh its downside of non-optimal upgrades. Beyond Ring 4, however, the artifact is typically skipped, as one typically devises a mainline strategy by that point in the game. The upgrades that Reflection may offer from then on are either inconsequential or negative. Generally, Capricious Reflection, if taken early, sculpts a run through its upgrade distribution, causing players to lean towards units and spells with favorable upgrades. Beyond a certain point, however, the artifact provides negligible value or can complicate card drafts negatively. 

Additional Information[]

Capricious Reflection can only apply legal, meaningful upgrades to cards. This means that some cards that have few such upgrades, like Preserve (which can only be given a Keepstone) will tend to have the same upgrades.

Capricious Reflection can apply clan-specific upgrades to units even if you are not playing that clan - e.g. you may see a Horned Warrior with a Spikestone even if you are playing Hellhorned/Stygian.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Capricious Reflection.