Monster Train Wiki

Card Effects are effects which affect cards, or affect units other than Status Effects.

See also: Status Effects

Unit Effects[]

Effect Description Notes
Ascend Move up a floor and to the back of that floor. Ascending a boss during Relentless phase will immediately freeze the floor they were on before. Major bosses can't be ascended to the Pyre Room before their Relentless phase.
Descend Move down a floor and to the back of that floor. Can't descend to a frozen floor.
Reform Return a defeated friendly unit to your hand. Enhance with Burnout 1, +5Attack, +5Health, and 0Ember. All stat changes carry over, but status effects added during the fight such as Rage or Multistrike do not, unless they are printed on the card.
Sacrifice Kill a friendly unit (of the required type in order) to play this card.
Cultivate Increase the attack and health of the friendly unit with the lowest health by the Cultivate value. Cultivate will target the unit with the lowest current health, and increase both maximum and current health.

Spell Effects[]

Effect Description Notes
Attuned Multiply the effects of Magic Power by 5.
Consume Can only be played once per battle.
Extract Lose Echo after you play this card. If you cannot, the card cannot be played.
Frozen A Frozen card is not discarded at end of turn. Frozen is removed when the card is played.
Infused When played, the current floor will gain 1 Echo.
Magic Power Increases the amount of damage dealt and health restored by spells.
Offering If discarded before the end of your turn, it will instead be played. An Offering card Purged or Consumed by the effects of cards such as Sacrificial Resurrection will not be played; it must be specifically discarded.
Permafrost Gain Frozen when drawn.
Piercing Damage dealt by this card ignores armor and shield.
Purge Once played, this card is removed from your deck for the rest of the run.
Pyrebound Can only be played in the Pyre Room and the floor below it.
Reserve Triggers if this card remains in hand at the end of turn. Frozen cards will remain in hand and trigger Reserve effect.
Spellchain When played, a copy of this card will be added to hand. The copy costs +1Ember and gains Purge.
Unplayable Card cannot be played.
Unpurgeable Card cannot be purged by shops or unstable vortexes.
X Cost Cost Spend all of your remaining Ember. The amount spent magnifies the result.

Other Effects[]

Effect Description Notes
Add Add a card for the duration of battle.
Intrinsic Starts in your opening hand.