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Chains the Sighted is a Boss and a Disciple in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 1.

(DLC) It may also appear as a wave enemy on Ring 9.


Most important of the Reconcilers, Chains personally imprisoned most of the Hellhorned lost during Armaggedon, many of them my friends. As a gift of thanks, Seraph gifted the blind man with the power to see through Light.

Battle Quotes[]

  • I bet these chains would suit you.
  • For the Winged!
  • For Seraph!
  • This train will soon be ours.
  • Do these chains frighten you?
  • Hell will be no more!
  • Another prisoner!
  • The Disciples will stop you in your tracks!
  • If we're able to stop you here, the Winged may take notice of us.
  • For Heaven!