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Cheater's Hand is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Rumblings of Seraph’s moral absolutism had become frequent in the time before Heaven’s invasion. Transgressions were rarely tolerated and often met with swift physical punishment. I can see now that his invasion of Hell was largely driven by some personal vendetta against me and my failings.


Using Cheater's Hand effectively is not just about the extra draw- putting a card on the top of your deck is a powerful ability. It is often tempting to put Deadweights or other useless cards back but this only leads to them being drawn next turn. Instead, place a card that will be useful next turn.

Cheater's Hand can serve as Permafrost on a card by continuously putting it on top of the draw pile. Consumer of Crowns and Furnace Tap are examples of cards that benefit a lot from this.

Cheater's Hand becomes a lot less useful if you have cards/artifacts that cause you to draw mid-turn such as Winged Steel, Mask of Penumbra, Excavated Ember, or Offering Token, as you will often end up drawing the thing you put on top of the deck anyway (though in the case of the latter two, you can put those cards on top of your deck to line them up with turns where you need them). It is still moderately useful with these things, as you know what you will draw with them.

Channelsong or Prism Retrieval are extremely effective as you can place a unit from your hand on your deck, ensuring it receives the buffs.


See: Version History

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Cheater's Hand.
2.0.1 Improved visibility of what is happening when you hide the Cheater's Hand UI before confirming a card selection because this was causing confusion and some people thought they were softlocked.