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Collection of Tails is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


An imp officially matures into a demon when their tail falls off and they learn to stand on their own feet, but this evolution only seems to enrage the demon even further. I don't like the sight of the disembodied tails, but keeping them is necessary.


Collection of Tails prevents Rage from decaying after each round of combat on your units.

Collection of Tails obviously depends on you using Rage, but even if you do it tends to be a low-impact Artifact overall. It saves one Rage per unit that has Rage per turn, meaning that it is at its best when you are able to apply Rage to a lot of units, but even if you are able to apply Rage to all units, it cannot overtake Worn Grindstone until turn 4 unless you have Resonant Shard or Deranged Brute.

In theory it could be useful in a long fight against a Relentless boss since otherwise Rage decays by 1 per round of combat, but in practice this won't be too useful past the first few Rings, as a run that wants to apply Rage wants to apply a lot of it, decreasing both the number of times that this Artifact gets to save a point of Rage (by shortening combat) and the relative usefulness of that (saving 2Attack isn't nearly as useful on a unit with 100Attack as one with 20Attack).

As such, it's a fairly low-impact Artifact overall, and should only be taken with Rage synergies and a lack of a better option.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Collection of Tails.