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Collector is an Enemy and a Winged in Monster Train. It appears on a random floor each second wave in Ring 1,2,4,5 and 7, or all Rings that do not feature a major boss.


  • Avoid Silencing as its Extinguish trigger will result in it not giving the player money upon death when silenced.
  • Playing Intent on Death on Collector will result in you gaining their gold, and you can still defeat them to get it again!


These entrepreneurial Winged scavengers don't subscribe to the traitorous ways of their flying brethren, but that doesn't mean they don't intend to profit off of it! They often find their way onto out train, looking for loose valuables, but if we trap them inside they'll give up whatever they've found.

Battle Quotes[]

  • Mine, MINE!
  • This is all just junk, really!
  • I must've gone through the wrong door...
  • Oh, don't mind me!
  • I'm not supposed to be here...
  • I'll just be on my way.
  • Maybe I can find something shiny!
  • Oh this? It's nothing!
  • Uhh, don't mind me!