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Something interesting can be found in the frozen Hellvent caves.

Concealed Caverns is an Overworld Event.

Monster Train Events[]

The following Events are available in the Base game of Monster Train.

Abandoned Train[]

Choice of three different clans: Get a random Clan consumable card.

  • There is a chance to take a second card from the other two clans.
  • There is a low chance to take the third card.


Obtainable Cards
Hellhorned Rage Serum, Alloy of the Ancients, Imp-in-a-Box
Awoken Pyre Shards, Wildwood Sap, Preserved Thorns, Invigorating Solution
Stygian Guard Crystalline Seeds, Urchin Spines
Umbra Packed Morsels, Space Prism, Prismal Dust, Ember Cache
Melting Remnant Hallowed Drippings, Sacred Wicks
(DLC Exclusive)
Total Recall, Broken Memories

The Boneshaker stop near the abandoned remains of a train. Looking to have belonged to a Merchant, the train still seems to have some wares.

A few remaining goods from the clans of the [3 random clans] are out in the open for the taking, but taking something may cause the abandoned remains to fall to pieces.

(Train doesn't collapse)
You carefully retrieve the item from the wreckage, trying your best not to disturb the train any further...
...and after much creaking and groaning, the train continues to stand relatively intact!
Which clan's artifact do you take from the collapsing train?
Choice between the remaining two clan cards.

(Train collapses)
You carefully retrieve the item from the wreckage, trying your best not to disturb the train any further...
...but the train collapses under its own weight, making any other items of value impossible to obtain.
So, you head back on your way.

Abandoned Winged[]

Here's a helping hand: Purge a unit. Get an upgraded version later.

Here's some spare magic: Purge a spell. Get an upgraded version later.


You see the tent before you see the Winged hiding near it. You prepare for a fight.

"Mercy, please! I mean no harm!"

"I was left here by my so-called people. Bah! Traitors, all of 'em. And they didn't even leave me with anything to defend myself! The gall! Turns out this fight isn't as clear as we once thought, eh?"

"Perhaps you Hellborne can prove more generous than our 'friends' above? I promise to give it back to you later in perfect condition."

Do you leave the Winged some aid?

"Thank you Hellborne. I won't forget this kindness. Truly."

"And unlike my feathered compatriots, I WILL keep my word."

Heaven's Aid[]

Two battles after Abandoned Winged.

I'll take it now: Get upgraded Card (Heaven's Aid Upgrade)

Hold onto it (Get Heaven's Finest event later)

Unit Upgrades Upgrade Unit Heaven's Aid.png Heaven's Aid Spell Upgrades Upgrade Spell Heaven's Aid.png Heaven's Aid
+20Health. Revenge: +1Attack. Gain 25Gold.
Gain Endless, +5Attack. Reserve: Restore 2 Pyre health.
Extinguish: Deal 40 damage to the front enemy unit. Add a copy of this card to your discard pile.
A familiar tent comes closer into view. The Winged looks eager to see you behind its curtain.

"Hellborne! I'm surprised to see you back so soon. But, I'm a Wing of my word. Here you go, good as new! I even took the liberty of making it just a little better for you. Consider it a small way to begin apologizing for our long history of, uh, disagreements."

"I could, however, hold on to it for a bit longer? Give it the ol' Winged treatment."

Do you retrieve your donation now or later?

(Take it now)
"Wonderful! Let's consider my debt paid then. Well, er, aside from the whole invasion nonsense..."
"Give 'em Hell! And don't be afraid to rip off a wing or two, they hate that."

(Hold onto it)
"I will not disappoint you, Hellborne."

Heaven's Finest[]

One battle after Heaven's Aid.

Take Heaven's gift: Get upgraded Card (Heaven's Finest Upgrade)

Unit Upgrades Upgrade Unit Heaven's Finest.png Heaven's Finest Spell Upgrades Upgrade Spell Heaven's Finest.png Heaven's Finest
+30Health. Revenge: +1Attack to all friendly units. Gain 35Gold. 0Ember
Gain Endless, +10Attack. Unit costs 0Ember. Reserve: Restore 5 Pyre health.
Quick. Extinguish: Deal 60 damage to the front enemy unit. Add a copy of this card to your discard pile. 0Ember
The ramshackle tent, now an oddly welcome surprise, comes into view. Safely inside, the Winged is patiently waiting for you.

"Well it wasn't easy, let me get that out of the way first. But this here is some of Heaven's finest work if I'm being honest... and I am."

"So make sure this gets used in the right place. Seraph can smell an assault from Rings away, but I think you just might have a chance."

"We're not that different, you know. Just two tracks on the same rail. Let's hope we end up going the same place."

"Best of luck, Hellborne. Seraph's gonna wish he'd never crossed the likes of us."

Armageddon Battlefield[]

The Sword The Shield The Skull
Most Blessed Sword.png
Get Most Blessed Sword.
Thy Holiest Shield.png
Get Thy Holiest Shield.
Petrified Skull.png
Get Petrified Skull.

If you keep the spell for two battles you will encounter the Battlefield again and get an artifact.

Hope for Peace: Get Hope for Peace.

The remains of Armageddon litter the icy landscape. Both Winged and Hellborne lie peacefully in their final resting place of snow.

The train finally comes to a halt near fallen soldiers from both sides. Did they really believe in what they were doing? Was either side justified in this fight?

But it's irrelevant now. Survival is the only thing that matters. Besides, the weapons they've left behind may prove to be of some use in the battles ahead.

What do you salvage from this ancient fight?

(Second event)
More remains of Armageddon are found in the snow, eerily similar to before.
Have you been here already? Or is the carnage so widespread that it's all become noise to you?
But you see something you've not seen before. A glowing relic amongst the dark figures. Perhaps it can help you to make this war a distant memory.
Bone Dog's Favor.png

Bone Dog[]

Pet Bone Dog: Get Bone Dog's Favor.

Leave Something behind: Purge 1 card.


A Dog made of Bone sits by a Hell Portal, its bonetail rattling together against the stone in a jerking motion you suspect is nervous wagging.


You catch glimpses of a foreign world through the portal. It's a place not of this realm but still equally hostile, and this Bone Dog seems eager to get as far away from it as possible. You wouldn't dare subject the dog to the violence of battle, but showing some kindness is a reward in itself.

Do you help out the Bone Dog?

That seems to be a good enough sign as any for the Bone Dog. It licks your face and jumps aboard the Boneshaker to surely make quick friends with all the other monsters inside.

You can't take the dog along, but you decide to leave something behind to hopefully ease your stinging guilt. As the train chugs away, you realize it didn't ease much...

Cave of a Thousand Eyes[]

Offer wealth: Pay 25 coins. 10/25/50/75% chance to gain an artifact.

Offer life: Lose 5 Health. 10/25/50/75% chance to gain an artifact.


  • The artifact will be a random Clanless, Primary or Secondary artifact.
  • If the chance fails, you can pay the cost again with an increased chance. The chance is shared for both costs.
A Cave of a Thousand Eyes seems to awaken as you grow near.

From deep within, a voice emerges. "Relinquish your life or your wealth and you MAY be rewarded, if you are deemed worthy..."

You don't often make offerings to unknown beasts, but you consider making an exception for this cave.

Do you toss in your tribute?

A loud belch emerges from the shadowy depths.
Your tribute disappears into the darkness... but no recognition of your worth follows.
"Your worth has yet to be determined. Only further tribute will sway us further."
Do you make another offering?

A loud belch emerges from the shadowy depths.
"We've deemed you worthy."

Chaos Portal[]

Throw something in: Purge a card, gain a rare card.

  • Gain a random Rare Card from your choice of primary or allied clan.


The train jerks to a halt to avoid the Chaos Portal that spontaneously appeared.

The whirling pit tears apart everything around it, sucking in anything that gets too close.

Do you throw something in?

As if satisfied by your offering, the Chaos Portal reverses its pull, spewing out debris from all over Hell.

Through the mess, you can clearly see the realms of both the [Primary Clan] and the [Secondary Clan]. A brief opening allows you to reach for one.

You reach through the portal to the [Clan Ring], close your hand around something solid and pull it back through.

You turn to leave, and the Chaos Portal closes as quickly as it appeared.


The large one: Get Major Refraction Major Refraction.

The small one: Get Minor Refraction Minor Refraction.


Ember Deposits[]

Take the Protrusion: Get Abandoned Stave. Gain 2 Vengeful Shard.

Abandoned Stave.png
Get Abandoned Stave.
Vengeful Shard.png
Gain 2 Vengeful Shard.
+1Ember per turn for every 2 Blight cards in your deck. Reserve: Your Pyre takes 1 damage.

Clear the rubble: Get 3 Calcified Ember now. Get upgraded versions later.

  • The Calcified Ember will be replaced with Excavated Ember after two battles. Only the Calcified Ember that you do not Purge in battle will be replaced. Note that if you duplicate the Calcified Ember the duplicate(s) will also be replaced.
Calcified Ember Excavated Ember
Calcified Ember.png
Excavated Ember.png
Purge. Consume.

Gain 2Ember. Draw 1.

Ember Deposits, frozen in place, collect around openings in the ground.

A byproduct of the Pyre, these energy sources have gone dormant. At closer inspection, one mound of this rubble seems to have something more powerful protruding from it.

While you could take the Protrusion, removing some of the Ember Deposits and hauling them from the area would help to eventually revive then with some power, granting you something later on.

What do you decide to take?

(Take the Protrusion)
You pull the glowing protrusion from the deposit pile, but doing so causes the rubble to collapse and spill into your train.
Before you have time to offload the debris, the Boneshaker jolts ahead on its journey.


Absorb from afar: Copy a card.

Throw something in: Copy a card 5 times.


A Fissure in the ice forces the Boneshaker to stop.

You've seen cracks like this before, often allowing you to multiply your forces through some ancient magic. But this one is different. Unstable.

Throwing something into the fissure could have unusual side effects, while just absorbing the energy from afar could have the more expected effect.

How do you approach the ice fissure?

(Absorb from afar)
Even from a safe distance, the energy is almost too strong to endure. But it has the intended consequence of duplicating your forces.

(Throw something in)
Your tribute sinks into the fissure, followed by a bright flash of light... Then nothing. The fissure closes.
All that's left are several copies of what you tossed in. Unstable, but strong.

Glowing Brands[]

Choice of three different clans: Get a Rare Clan draft pick.


Note: Wurmkin is excluded from this event.

A collection of glowing brands are scattered next to a granite crypt.

Each brand bears the mark of one of the clans of Hell. Those of the [3 random clans] seem to be the only ones hot enough to be of use.

Branding the crypt may yield additional support from that clan, either through monster or magic.

You press the glowing brand onto the stone with a hiss...

The crypt cracks open to reveal a gift from the forgotten denizens of Hell. Even in defeat, it seems, Hell is full of surprises.

Heph the Blacksmith[]

Automatic Railspikes.png

Take the Railspike: Get Automatic Railspikes.

  • After getting 4 or more copies of the card in your deck, Heph comes back to give all copies +10 Magic Power and Consume, and removes the slay effect.
Spikedriver Colony Card.png

Take the Raildriver: Get Spikedriver Colony.

  • After getting 4 or more copies of the card in your deck, Heph comes back to give all copies +20Attack, and removes the extinguish effect.


Historian's Records[]

Choice of three random clans: Take the tome.


Obtainable Cards
Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png Awoken Clan Awoken.png Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png
Onehorn's Tome.png
Onehorn's Tome
Wildwood Tome.png
Wildwood Tome
Unnamed Tome.png
Unnamed Tome
Umbra Clan Umbra.png Melting Remnant Clan Melting Remnant.png Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png (DLC Exclusive)
Umbra Stone.png
Umbra Stone
Remnant Pact.png
Remnant Pact
Wurmkin Etchings.png
Wurmkin Etchings
The Historian approaches the open door with several large books in the back of his strange carriage.

"My time in Hell has granted me access to the records of so many fascinating clans. The pages have lost their value however, as I've memorized their contents."

"I have the records of the [3 random clans] at your disposal, though I can only bear to part with one for now."

Which clan's tome will you take?

"Excellent! I promise this to be well worth the read, as a studious mind is a strong mind."

"Good luck Hellborne! May the Pyre protect us in our journeys."


The Hammer The Manual The Locket
Railforger's Hammer.png
Get Railforger's Hammer.
History of the World.png
Get History of the World.
Frozen Nostalgia.png
Get Frozen Nostalgia.
+1Capacity on each floor. +3Capacity on a random floor. -1Capacity on each floor. +15 Magic Power.


An Iceberg looms large over the Boneshaker.

Illuminated by the light creeping into the cavern, you can see a figure inside. Trapped. Runes etched into the ice read:

Witness the False Prophet. Forger of the Rail and Covenant. Now Damned and Broken.

He must have been a prisoner of the Winged. Poor soul. The remains of his tools are frozen nearby. Perhaps he can help you, even in death.

Do you take anything?

(The Hammer)
You're able to melt the ice enough to retrieve the hammer. Its solid make gives you a calming assurance of the trials ahead.
You leave the man behind. False Prophet or not, you have a feeling he's helped Hell more than you know.

(The Manual)
You're able to retrieve the tome from the ice, the pages still somehow dry after all this time frozen in ice.
You leave the man behind. False Prophet or not, you have a feeling he's helped Hell more than you know.

(The Locket)
The locket proves difficult to pry free, not wanting to leave its owner. But when it does, you're greeted by a familiar face inside and more questions than answers.
You leave the man behind. False Prophet or not, you have a feeling he's helped Hell more than you know.

Mysterious Figure[]

I'll take the dangerous ones: Get 3 Dante's Candle. Get something later.


A mysterious figure races towards the train with the winged not far behind.

"No time to explain. Take these and hide them for me. I can't afford to be caught with them now, so I'll have to come back for them later. Don't worry you'll be compensated generously later on."


Do you take something from the mystery man?

"You have my thanks! And don't worry, I'll be seeing you soon."

Mysterious Figure Returns[]

Triggers after two battles if you took the dangerous ones.

We will have you: Get Dante's Cloak and Dante the Deceptive.

Leave (Candles will not be removed)

The mysterious figure returns, this time much more composed than last you met.

"Ah, my loyal friend! What a pleasure to see you again. Please excuse my manners from before, I was rather occupied at the time. My name is Dante, a collector of rare artifacts and renowned pain-in-the-ass to all those with Wings. At your service."

"Now I do appreciate your help in my time of need. I was able to evade those insufferable creatures thanks to your help."

"And for carrying the load, I'll think I'll join you, if you'll have me of course!"

"I look forward to our work together!"

Ornate Chests[]

Pickpocket both: [If player has Petty Theft from Historian event] Purge Petty Theft. Get 175 coins.

Yes, a lot: Lose 25 Pyre health, Get 150 coins.

Just a little: Lose 5 Pyre health, Get 25 coins.


Two ornate chests have emerged from the thawing ice...

both chests have a strange lock mechanism that look like they could be picked with shards from the Pyre. The more decorated chest might take a few more tries, though.

Do you break off some of your Pyre to get what's inside?

(Pickpocket both)
You use your pick to avoid any unnecessary damage to your Pyre. After opening the second chest, the pick breaks, but with all this newfound gold, you could buy a whole trainfull of picks.

(Yes, a lot)
The lock clicks after a few attempts, revealing the wealth of contents within.

Penance Yard[]

The one with the ember The massive stones The broken shards
Ember Stasis.png
Gain Ember Stasis.
Penitent Remains.png
Gain Penitent Remains.
Weathered Coldstones.png
Gain Weathered Coldstones.
Playing a Blight card deals 120 damage to the front enemy unit. When summoned friendly units get +2Attack for every Blight card in your deck. When you play a Blight card, restore 5 Pyre health.
Calcified Ember.png
Gain 3 Calcified Ember.
Gain 3 Deadweight.
Vengeful Shard.png
Gain 3 Vengeful Shard.


Rail of the Covenant[]

Enhance a unit: Get Monster Railspike Monster Railspike.

Enhance my magical power: Get Spell Railspike Spell Railspike.


Remains of the once great Rail of the Covenant litter the landscape.

One of the Railspikes still contains some lingering power.

You could take it and use it on one of your units or enhance your own magical prowess.

Do you take the Railspike?


Choice of three random clans: Take a Railspike.


Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png Awoken Clan Awoken.png Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png
Spike of the Hellhorned.png
Spike of the Hellhorned
Awoken's Rail Spike.png
Awoken's Rail Spike
Spike of the Stygian.png
Spike of the Stygian
Umbra Clan Umbra.png Melting Remnant Clan Melting Remnant.png Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png (not obtainable via this event)
Shroud Spike.png
Shroud Spike
Waxen Spike.png
Waxen Spike
Wurmkin Spike.png
Wurmkin Spike

Wurmkin Spike is also a Clan-specific Railspike, but is not obtainable in this event. Other types of Clanless Clan Clanless.png Railspikes can be found in other events (Rail of the Covenant, Heph the Blacksmith).

Railspikes from the Rings of Hell have been driven into a stone near the Rail like some sort of monument.'

At the base lies a hammer, carved with ancient runes. you can't make it all out, but what you can talks of the Founding of the Covenant. Could this be the birthplace of the Rail?

But with the Covenant now broken, these spikes serve no purpose here. Many of them are lodged too deep into the stone to take, but the spikes of [3 random clans] are loose enough to pry away.

After quite some effort, you remove Spike from the stone, its original power still evident from the glowing runes.

With this ancient piece of the Covenant now in hand, you head back on your way.

Shards of the Pyre[]

Sip with Caution Some of the bottled stuff Straight from the still
Get Strengthstone.
Get Boneshine.
Bone Rattler.png
Get Bone Rattler.
Upgrade a unit with +10Attack.


Shards of the Pyre, remnants of the once great beacon of Hell, are strewn about.

When it was extinguished, the shattered Pyre must have been ejected through these Hellvents across all 9 Rings.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, some entrepreneurial soul decided to setup a still near the Hellvent, converting what energy remained into potent liquids. While the owner must have heard you coming and scrambled off, some of their product remains.

Do you take a swig?

(Some of the bottled stuff)
You can tell someone has been drinking from the open container near the still. So you make what you hope is the more sensible decision and take some of the liquid from there.
It can't be that bad. If whoever made it has been drinking it, they must still be alive!...for now.
(Straight from the still)
Why take a swig, when you can take the ENTIRE STILL! Who knows, it might come in handy later on...

The Historian[]

Honest Aggressive Stealthy
Get Gift of Gratitude.
Heaven's Gold.png
Get Heaven's Gold.
Petty Theft.png
Get Petty Theft.
Your Pyre gets +1Attack for every 10Gold you have.
The Historian makes his way towards the train in his unusual carriage.

"Hellborne, how fortunate am I that our travels have finally crossed paths! I am recording the events of Armageddon for posterity. Possibly futile, I know, but I shall make a fortune if you do, somehow, succeed."

"So, would you characterize yourself as honest, aggressive, or stealthy?"

"Interesting, indeed. And quite uncharacteristic of Hellborne, though by no means unwelcome! Perhaps those good intentions will carry us past these dark times!"

"Ahh yes, the fabled fighting spirit of the Hellborne! I would expect nothing less. Your account shall make for wonderful reading."

"Sneaky, but smart, I see. Well I shall have to change the narrative to support the truth, but nothing a few hours of editing can't accomplish."

"Here's something for your assistance. Best of luck to you in the battles ahead."

Train Graveyard[]

The Small Shard The Medium Shard The Large Shard
Blood for Blood.png
Petrified Heart.png
Lose 3 Pyre health. Get Heartstone. Lose 6 Pyre health. Get Blood for Blood. Lose 10 Pyre health. Get Petrified Heart.
Upgrade a unit with +25Health. When your Pyre kills a unit, restore 5 Pyre health. Friendly units get +10Health and Heartless.


As you pass a Train Graveyard, you notice several of your fallen allies.

Within the beasts of gnarled steel lie now extinguished Pyre shards. Even further inside the rubble, you can make out some last protected treasures. Perhaps, if you were to relight the PYre shards using some of your own, the trains would reveal their value.

Which of the trains' Pyre shards do you relight?

The Pyre shard flickers to life, the treasure withing now revealed as the Pyre removes its final defense.

Yet as you leave, the Pyre shards goes out once more, this time for good. You are all that is left.


The Doors: Get Trap Chute.

The Hook: Get Steel Pulleyclaw.


The Boneshaker makes its way through an abandoned Trainyard.

The once bustling workship is now eerily silent and empty, picked over by scavengers. Though in the rubble, you're able to make out a couple of things that may be useful: a large hook and some quick-release doors.

Do you salvage anything from the trainyard?

(The Doors)
You enlist the help of the crew to install the doors, giving you more control over the location of any invaders in the Boneshaker via quick ejection.
(The Hook)
The HOOK is installed in the Boneshaker's Pyre Room, giving you an easy way to drag any invaders upwards and subject them to the power of the pyre

The Last Divinity Events[]

(DLC Exclusive)

The List of following events was added in The Last Divinity (DLC) and is only available with The Last Divinity DLC activated.

For the Greater Good.png

Abandoned Winged (Divinity)[]

Option 1: Get For the Greater Good.

Option 2: Choose a unit upgrade: Upgrade Unit Sunderstone.png Sunderstone or Upgrade Unit Sapstone.png Sapstone.

Upgrade Unit Sunderstone.png Sunderstone Strike: Apply Melee Weakness 1.
Upgrade Unit Sapstone.png Sapstone Summon: Apply Sap 4 to enemy units.
Olde Magic.png

Arcane Machine[]

Make Olde Magic.

There are 3 choices with multiple options per choice, every option also has Leave as an option. After choosing them all, you'll have a custom built spell. There are four categories of effects:

Category 1: Primary Effect

Three choices from the following options, can appear as first or second choice:

The collection of jagged lines. The smooth waves. The upward pointing arrow.
Deal 20 Damage Heal 20 Health Buff: 10 Attack Damage

Category 2: Status Effect

Three choices from the following options, can appear as first or second choice:

The Shield. The Life. The Sludge. The Snow. The Spike. The Flame.
10 Armor Regen 4 Sap 3 8 Frostbite 5 Spikes 4 Rage

Category 3: Movement

Three choices from the following options, can appear as second or third choice:

Forward Backward Down Up
Pull Push Descend Ascend

Category 4: Other

Two choices from the following options, can only appear as a third choice:

The symbols having to do with Space. The symbols having to do with Power. The symbols having to do with Gold.
1 Capacity +1 Card draw next turn 20 Gold

Divine Artifact[]

Note: Not Actually a Concealed Caverns Event; actually happens after a combat. This is actually 3 separate events, each with an independent 10% chance roll to be active during any given run, determined at the start of your run. The other requirements for activating the individual events are as follows.

  • Divine Artifact Low: 10 pact shards by Ring 3, at least 1 previous Divine Victory with your current primary clan.
  • Divine Artifact Mid: 50 pact shards by Ring 5, at least 2 previous Divine Victories with your current primary clan.
  • Divine Artifact High: 75 pact shards by Ring 8, at least 3 previous Divine Victories with your current primary clan.

Each Divine Artifact event has it's own pool of Divine artifacts to draw from.

You sense an overwhelming presence pulse through. Like a booming power stretching through all of existence "The understanding eludes me for why one with such little power as yourself continues to fight for a world that has already been condemned to die." "Divinities created this world. Not for you - never for you - but for us. It was a game, for the Child, to Judge souls as good or as evil. We did not care for this lowly play, but the creation of this world took less than a breath. Time was my Domain and Life was the Mother's."

The Divine presence vanishes, some lingering power left behind in its wake.

"Time has never held sway over my existence. What would pass as seconds for me are endless eternities in this world. Your existence is of little consequence." "And yet, you were able to take the Child and the Mother from me. I do not feel as you small beings do, but I did...contract." "So I've contracted Time to a circle. There is no end, only beginning again. Forever. Replace your precious Pyre or leave Hell to freeze. It has no meaning. You are doomed to repeat your struggle over and over. That is your punishment. Even my own defeat - temporary."

You feel your being begin to contract. Do you submit?

"Your Pyre was created here, did you know? The Titans of the Elements, created by the Mother to carve out this very world, sacrificed at Herzal’s request and fused into the very lifeforce you carry aboard that vehicle." "All that sacrifice for what?"

"The Child eventually grew tired of Judgement and bored of this Realm. So, we sent you Judges. Herzal first and Malicka soon after. We thought it best to leave you to your own survival. Ultimately, your free will led to your own demise. As well as others of Divinity." "Now, you are all just grains of sand in an endless desert of time." "Though I will admit, I have sensed a merging of late. Part of my divinity slipping away into your own soul. I suspect it to be part of our shared Pact, a consequence of the collapsing of time."

"Does this give you hope?"

"I do not understand the mechanics of hope, but I can respect the strength it gives." "Your world is of no consequence to me, and the sins committed against me are done and paid for. But I cannot allow the rules of this loop to lapse." "We will continue to fight, but perhaps we can fight with respect."

Option 1: Choose from 3 Divine Artifacts to obtain.


Divine Artifacts are like normal Artifacts that often have double the power, but remove themselves after 1 combat.

Good Ol'Wingmaker[]

The shivering blacksmith braces against the stinging wind. From afar one would easily mistake her for a small mountain.

"It's not like I want to come out here, you know. Just - you always come by the Forge at the worst times and it's always so much business that I forget some of the other more important things I'm working on."

"Well, hrmm, anyways, I'm working on something new. A hammer of sorts. And yes, before you can ask, she'll help out you and your sorry lot. It's just, uh... well, she doesn't work like she should. Got a bit of a mind of her own. So, I figure you could take her with you and help me out for once. Just needs a little 'fine-tuning' is all. Hitting those birds around 5 times oughta do the trick. So, err, you up for a little 'fine-tuning'?"

Fine-Tuning is my middle name.: Get Good Ol' Wingmaker. (Heph may return later.)

That's a little outside my comfort zone.: Get Offered Heph's Consolation Heph's Consolation.

Heph's Consolation Heph's Consolation +10Attack and -1Capacity.

Heph Returns[]

Condition: Good Ol' Wingmaker must have been taken from the previous event, and played at least 4 times.

"Well, how'd she work out for you? Were you able to work out all the kinks? Here, let me take a look..."

"What in Nine Rings did you do to this thing?!?"

"It looks like you tried to tear apart the Rail with it! And then when that didn't work, you ran it over with the Boneshaker to forget about it altogether! Ughhh... it's gonna take me a long time to get her back and healthy. A real long time. So, I guess I'm coming with you."

"What, you're not going to let me come???"

Option 1: Get Heph the Blacksmith.


Let's give 'em Hell.[]

This event only appears after the Seraph fight and requires a certain amount of shards to be triggered.

Spawn requirements are as follows:

  • 45% chance that the event can be triggered at all, determined at the start of run
  • Minimum of 150 pact shards acquired after defeating Seraph
  • At least 5 Divine Victories obtained with your current primary clan as the primary clan in previous runs.

Whether Blank Pages or Shard of Divinity offered is a completely random 50-50 roll, and is not dependent on seeing other events like the Wingmaker event.

A famaliar figure hunches in front of an iceberg. She stands to meet you.

"He tried at least, that's more than most of us can say. But Seraph gave up. Figured he could do it all himself. Rule through force and fear. Herzal's mistakes pushed him to that end I'd wager. That makes him no better than this Divinity, even if I don't blame him for trying."

"If you're destined to do this forever, might as well make him hurt for it, eh?"

Let's give 'em Hell.: Get (Get Shard of Divinity.) or (Get Blank Pages.)

Shard of Divinity Blank Pages
Shard of Divinity.png
Blank Pages.png
Your Pyre starts each battle with Armor 100. At start of turn, if you do not have a Champion in your hand, add a random one to your hand.


Malicka Mutator[]

In this event, which occurs randomly after combat (not in a Concealed Cavern) one is offered 3 negative Artifacts. One may take any number of them. For taking the Artifacts, one will be able trade them for positive Artifacts after 2 combats.

Negative Artifact Positive Artifact
Corrupted Cloud.png
Corrupted Cloud

At end of turn, deal 4 damage to friendly units.

Vial of Tears.png
Vial of Tears

At end of turn, restore 5 health to friendly units.

Judgemental Fittings.png
Judgemental Fittings

Enemy units enter with Damage Shield 1.

Cracked Helmet.png
Cracked Helmet

Damage spells get Piercing.

Broken Wheel.png
Broken Wheel

When a non-Champion unit dies, it is Purged.

Immortality Potion.png
Immortality Potion

Friendly non-Morsel units get Endless.

Malicka Purge[]

Name refers to the first implementation of the Event.

In this event, one is offered to be able heal their Pyre in exchange for Pact Shards. This event will recur up to 4 times (once after every other battle), much like the Heaven's Aid event. Each time you are given the opportunity to heal the Pyre for more Pact Shards.

Event 1

  • Restore 10 Health and gain 5PactShards.

Event 2

  • Restore 20 Health and gain 10PactShards.

Event 3

  • Restore 30 Health and gain 15PactShards.

Event 4

  • Restore all Health and gain 20PactShards.

Event 1

  • Purge up to 1 card for 10PactShards.

Event 2

  • Purge up to 2 cards for 10PactShards each.

Event 3

  • Purge up to 3 cards for 10PactShards each.

Event 4

  • Purge up to 1 card for 10PactShards.
Nexus Spike.png

Nexus Spike[]

Option 1: Choose 2 spells. Get a Nexus Spike with the 2 card's effects.

Option 2: Remove a spell. Get 3 Copies with Unhinged Power Unhinged Power.

Unhinged Power Unhinged Power Reduce to 0Ember and apply Purge.


Event Chance Math[]

Different events are available at different parts of the run. In addition, the events have different probabilities of appearing based on a weighted system. Every event is given a certain number of tickets and a ticket is pulled at random; thus, the more tickets there are, the higher probability of an event being selected. Only events that can happen at a certain Ring are entered into the lottery. This means that a cavern at Ring 8 has fewer tickets than a cavern at Ring 3.

All events are available from the first ring, but may not be available after a certain ring. Concealed Caverns are guaranteed to appear in Rings 3 and 6 and can appear in Rings 5 and 7.

The following table is being updated and not yet complete.

Availability Summary
Event Last Ring Tickets After Battle Prerequisite
Abandoned Train 8 30 No Complete 1 run and unlock 3 classes
Abandoned Winged 3 50 No Complete 10 runs
Abandoned Winged (Divinity) 8 20 No Complete 1 run and be on covenant 1 or higher
Arcane Machine 8 30 No Complete 1 run
Armageddon Battlefield 4 20 No Complete 10 runs
Bone Dog 8 9 No Complete 5 runs and unlock 5 classes
Cave of a Thousand Eyes 8 30 No Complete 1 run
Chaos Portal 8 10 No Complete 5 runs
Crystals 8 10 No Complete 5 runs
Divine Artifact (low) 3 10 Yes Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher. Also requires at least 10 Pact Shards, and at least 1 previous Divine victory with your current primary clan.
Divine Artifact (mid) 5 10 Yes Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher. Also requires at least 50 Pact Shards, and at least 2 previous Divine victories with your current primary clan.
Divine Artifact (high) 8 10 Yes Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher. Also requires at least 75 Pact Shards, and at least 3 previous Divine victories with your current primary clan.
Ember Deposits 5 30 No Complete 7 runs
Fissure 4 60 No Complete 1 run
Glowing Brands 5 25 No Complete 5 runs and unlock 5 classes
Good ol' Wingmaker 4 30 No Complete 1 run
Heph the Blacksmith 3 25 No Complete 7 runs
Historian's Records 8 10 No Complete 1 run and unlock 3 classes
Iceberg 8 10 No Complete 5 runs
Let's give 'em Hell. - 45 Yes Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher. Also requires at least 5 previous Divine victories with your current primary clan.
Malicka Mutator 4 5 Yes Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher
Malicka Purge 4 20 No Complete 5 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher
Mysterious Figure 4 30 No Complete 7 runs
Nexus Spike 8 15 No Complete 3 runs, unlock 6 classes, and be on covenant 1 or higher
Ornate Chests 8 10 No Complete 1 run
Penance Yard 8 20 No Complete 1 run
Rail of the Covenant 8 12 No Complete 3 runs
Railspikes 8 10 No Complete 1 run and unlock 3 classes
Shards of the Pyre 8 20 No Complete 3 runs
The Historian 8 20 No Complete 1 run
Train Graveyard 8 20 No Complete 1 run
Trainyard 8 20 No Complete 3 runs


The following table shows the probabilities of each event occurring in each ring as well as the cumulative probabilities for each event happening in a run, where you visit the 2 shared cavern events or all four possible cavern events.

Concealed Cavern Probabilities: Monster Train (2.1)
Event Ring 3 Ring 5 Ring 6 Ring 7 Chance* (2 Caverns) Chance* (4 Caverns)
Abandoned Train 06.24% 10.14% 12.45% 12.45% 17.78% 38.51%
Abandoned Winged 10.40% - - - 10.39% 10.39%
Armageddon Battlefield 04.16% - - - 04.16% 04.16%
Bone Dog 01.87% 03.04% 03.73% 03.73% 05.86% 13.18%
Cave of a Thousand Eyes 06.24% 10.14% 12.45% 12.45% 17.78% 38.50%
Chaos Portal 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Crystals 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Ember Deposits 06.24% 10.14% - - 06.24% 16.15%
Fissure 12.47% - - - 12.47% 12.47%
Glowing Brands 05.20% 08.45% - - 05.20% 13.56%
Heph the Blacksmith 05.20% - - - 05.20% 05.20%
Historian's Records 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Iceberg 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Mysterious Figure 06.24% - - - 06.23% 06.23%
Ornate Chests 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Penance Yard 04.16% 06.76% 08.30% 08.30% 12.42% 27.40%
Rail of the Covenant 02.49% 04.05% 04.98% 04.98% 07.71% 17.26%
Railspikes 02.08% 03.38% 04.15% 04.15% 06.48% 14.56%
Shards of the Pyre 04.16% 06.76% 08.30% 08.30% 12.42% 27.41%
The Historian 04.16% 06.76% 08.30% 08.30% 12.42% 27.41%
Train Graveyard 04.16% 06.76% 08.30% 08.30% 12.42% 27.41%
Trainyard 04.16% 06.76% 08.30% 08.30% 12.42% 27.40%

*Numerical results from 100,000,000 runs.

Concealed Cavern Probabilities: The Last Divinity (2.1)
Event Ring 3 Ring 5 Ring 6 Ring 7 Chance* (2 Caverns) Chance* (4 Caverns)
Abandoned Train 05.03% 08.31% 09.80% 09.80% 14.33% 31.40%
Abandoned Winged 08.39% - - - 08.39% 08.39%
Abandoned Winged (Divinity) 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.90% 21.99%
Arcane Machine 05.03% 08.31% 09.80% 09.80% 14.32% 31.39%
Armageddon Battlefield 03.36% - - - 03.36% 03.36%
Bone Dog 01.51% 02.49% 02.94% 02.94% 04.62% 10.41%
Cave of a Thousand Eyes 05.03% 08.31% 09.80% 09.80% 14.33% 31.40%
Chaos Portal 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.12% 11.52%
Crystals 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.12% 11.52%
Ember Deposits 05.03% 08.31% - - 05.03% 13.20%
Fissure 10.07% - - - 10.06% 10.06%
Glowing Brands 04.19% 06.93% - - 04.20% 11.07%
Good ol' Wingmaker 05.03% - - - 05.04% 05.04%
Heph the Blacksmith 04.19% - - - 04.19% 04.19%
Historian's Records 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.12% 11.52%
Iceberg 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.11% 11.52%
Malicka Purge 03.36% - - - 03.36% 03.36%
Mysterious Figure 05.03% - - - 05.03% 05.03%
Nexus Spike 02.52% 04.16% 04.90% 04.90% 07.55% 16.89%
Ornate Chests 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.12% 11.52%
Penance Yard 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.90% 22.00%
Rail of the Covenant 02.01% 03.32% 03.92% 03.92% 06.10% 13.70%
Railspikes 01.68% 02.77% 03.27% 03.27% 05.11% 11.52%
Shards of the Pyre 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.90% 21.99%
The Historian 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.90% 21.99%
Train Graveyard 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.90% 22.00%
Trainyard 03.36% 05.54% 06.54% 06.54% 09.89% 21.98%

*Numerical results from 100,000,000 runs.