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Concussive Coals is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Too often, the seemingly extinguished coals of the Boneshaker still smolder, most likely powered by the Pyre. Unfortunately, this has led to many explosive accidents on my train.


Concussive Coals gives a 50% chance of applying Dazed to enemy units that enter the Boneshaker, causing afflicted units to not attack on their first turn as well as suppressing their Resolve effects.

Concussive Coals is at its best when you set up your unit core on the first floor, where it will roughly halve incoming damage from enemies, as half of them will not get to attack you. Otherwise, Concussive Coals does not have much of an impact, as the Dazed will be gone by the time the enemies reach higher floors.

It does have a situational benefit for builds that set up on higher floors in that they may daze enemies that junk your deck like Purifier, causing them to sometimes miss out on one chance to do so.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Concussive Coals.