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"Winged Conduits have mastered the use of their armor and grant their allies the ability to strike multiple times. Remove the Conduits and this power will be removed too."
— Combat Description

Conduit Masters is a combat that can appear in Ring 7. In this combat, Winged Conduits empower their allies by granting Multistrike.

Like all non-boss combats, a Collector will appear on a random floor on wave 2.

Wave Enemies (Cov 5-25)
1 Steelwings | Gilded Wing | Winged Conduit
2 Wiltwings | Gilded Wing | Winged Conduit
3 Wiltwings | Wiltwings | Gilded Wing | Winged Conduit
4 Gilded Wing | Lightwings | Winged Conduit
5 A Brief Respite
6 BOSS | Winged Conduit

The Ring 7 Boss can be either Nephil, the Wingless General or the Living Armor, regardless of the combat.


  • Strangely, this combat is one wave shorter than all other Ring 7 combats.