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TheLastDivinity This article, Conscription Notice, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Conscription Notice is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Our initial calls for support were a little… wordy: “We, the 9 Rings of Hell and the residents therein, declare our sovereignty from the Heavenly invaders of our lands. As fellow Hellborne, we implore you to consider supporting our shared cause and ensure our survival lest we cease to exist entirely.” It is comforting to know that I've matured from needless description and flourish to a paragon of simplicity.


Conscription Notice provides a strong benefit, especially early in the game, by gaining a unit that is easy to deploy. This usually trivializes the first couple of Rings if obtained early.

Later in the game, Conscription Notice becomes less powerful and less reliable but can still provide a benefit to your train depending on the unit summoned, as long as you set aside 1Capacity for the summoned unit.

Additional Information[]

This will always summon an Uncommon Banner Unit with 2Capacity and 1Ember (before the capacity and ember reductions, so 1Capacity and 0Ember after those are applied) from a preset pool. Most noticeably, no Umbra Clan Umbra.png or Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png units can be drawn, presumably due to their clans unique mechanics.

List of Possible Units[]


See: Version History

Conscription Notice used to not decrease Unit capacity in the public beta.

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Conscription Notice.