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Consumed Crown is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


When a Hellhorned defeats another in battle, they will break off the loser's horns and add it to their collection, forming them into a crown. I've learned the hard way that asking to wear another's crown is considered incredibly rude.


Consumed Crown provides +2Attack on Slay for friendly units, providing a little additional scaling of the course of a battle.

Consumed Crown's effect helps you scale over the course of a battle, but with the catch that your units need to be already capable of killing enemies to do so. The fact that taking advantage of it well usually requires a high Attack to begin with and its relatively small bonus of +2Attack means that it tends to not be that impressive in practice, being more of a "win more" Artifact than one that can help you win a run. It is at its best with units with Multistrike, as they are both more able to take advantage of the bonuses and are often able to kill multiple units per turn, letting them scale better with this Artifact.

If you are paired with a clan that has units with Sweep or other ways to hit Support-class enemies in the back of waves, they appreciate this Artifact thanks to their ability to kill the more frail units in the back. No Hellhorned units except for Molting Imp's Summon ability are able to do this - Molting Imp's ability can trigger Slay triggers, including that of Consumed Crown. You can infuse Molting Imp into another unit on The Last Divinity (DLC) and have Consumed Crown trigger off of the Support-class enemies killed on Summon for a decent initial power boost to that unit in some fights, though you'd probably need other synergies with this to make it worthwhile.

Overall, Consumed Crown is a relatively low-impact Artifact, but it usually contributes something to most runs.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Consumed Crown.