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Cursed Vines is an Artifact of the Awoken Clan Awoken.png in Monster Train.


Not all the Edge Priory endeavors have been successes. Their attempts to return to the physical form of an Animus have been met with countless failures. The vines they've used in these experiments wither with the unstable energy that's cursed them.


Cursed Vines is quite useful early in the game, allowing you to consistently clear out back line enemies every turn.

Cursed Vines is also helpful for Floor Overstacking strategies with several bulky units, as you can play the Vine Grasp spells it produces on your own units to pull them to the front, allowing you to spread out damage across the whole floor. It can also allow you to play big units on a different floor, use a spell to ascend/descend that unit, then use Vine Grasp to move it to the front of the floor.

Additional Information[]

Cursed Vines does not work if you have 10 cards in hand after drawing cards at the start of your turn. This can be a problem with Lost Luggage, certain Mutators, and cards that increase card draw such as Rootseeds, Sting, or Invigorating Solution.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Cursed Vines. It had a 50% chance of switching the front and rear most enemy units as they enter your train.
2.0.0 Cursed Vines artifact changed from rearranging enemies automatically to giving the player Vine Grasp spells with Purge to rearrange enemies as they see fit.