Monster Train Wiki

Custom Challenges or Community Challenges are a game mode for Monster Train.

Community Challenges[]

Once opening Community Challenges, the player is greeted with a choice of playing a custom challenge from the following categories:

  • Featured by the Devs: A challenge hand picked by the Devs.
  • Most Popular: The 3 Challenges with the most registered scores.
  • Highest Scores: The 3 challenges with the highest overall scores.
  • Most Difficult: The 3 challenges with the lowest overall scores.
  • Discover Something New: 3 Random Challenges.

Creating Challenges[]

Once creating a challenge, the player can choose a primary clan, allied clan, up to 3 Mutators, Covenant Rank and Hell Rush Option. Once the challenge is created a 3 Word phrase is created that uniquely describes a challenge.

The Hell Rush Options are: Off, Fast Timer, Normal Timer, Slow Timer, Slower Timer

Joining Challenges[]

On the Community Challenges Screen a 3 Word phrase can be entered that uniquely describes a challenge created by another player.


For getting high scores, it is important to understand the Scoring Mechanic.