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Daedalus is a first Major Boss in Monster Train.

Every turn before the Relentless phase, he places a Constructed Explosive on the train.

He is featured in the following Ring 3 combats:

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Original engineer of the armor and weapons used by the Disciples, with specific knowledge of Seraph's Light and how to harness its energy. He was a chief contributor to the breaking of the Rail, something that impresses me almost as much as it angers me.

Battle Quotes[]

  • What do you think of my invention?
  • What do you think of my new invention?
  • I hope Seraph appreciates my work...
  • This train is truly a marvel! Shame I have to destroy it.
  • Note to self: tune steam pressure on wings.
  • These things are sharp!
  • Watch out for the steam!
  • This is all good research.
  • Hmm, these engines aren't functioning well in sub-optimal temperatures.
  • Too clever for you, eh?
  • A little too fast for you, eh?
  • You like my wings?
  • Did you think the Winged were the only ones to fly?
  • You won't make it any farther than me.
  • I'll scrap this train for parts.
  • What a shame that Seraph won't get to meet you.