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"Conduits use their knowledge of your train to ascend more quickly than other Disciples. Take them out before they reach your Pyre."
— Combat Description

Disciple Conduits is a combat that can appear in Ring 2. It is the earliest possible combat to feature Haste.

Like all non-boss combats, a Collector will appear on a random floor on wave 2.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-4) Enemies (Cov 5-25)
1 Clergyman | Clergyman | Clergyman | Conduit Infiltrator Clergyman | Clergyman | Clergyman | Conduit Infiltrator
2 Clergyman | Discipled Footsoldier | Conduit Infiltrator Clergyman | Clergyman | Clergyman | Conduit Infiltrator
3 A Brief Respite A Brief Respite
4 Clergyman | BOSS | Conduit Infiltrator Clergyman | BOSS | Conduit Infiltrator

The Ring 2 Boss can be either The Steel Slate, Highpriest to the Light, or the Last Knight of the Disciples, regardless of the combat.


  • With Clergyman starting with rage and doing a lot of damage on lower floors, it is generally advised to play units on higher floors.
  • As Conduit Infiltrators grant haste, it is important to either kill them on the first floor or not set up on the middle floor. Important to note is that when you kill a Conduit Infiltrator in one wave it is advised to kill also on subsequent waves, so as not to allow waves from the middle floor and bottom floor to combine on the top floor.