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Discipled Inquisitor is a Boss and a Disciple in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 1.

(DLC) It may also appear as a wave enemy on Ring 9.


A high-ranking officer within the combative ranks of the Disciples. The humans that had been admitted into Heaven banded together under the Inquisitor to join Seraph's cause when they broke our Rail.

Battle Quotes[]

  • Did you think we'd let you pass so easily?
  • Does my hammer frighten you?
  • For the Winged!
  • For Heaven!
  • For Seraph!
  • The Disciples will stop you in your tracks!
  • If we're able to stop you here, the Winged may take notice of us.
  • This train will soon be mine!
  • I've never been in a train like this before...
  • Hell will be no more!