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TheLastDivinity This article, Divine Temple, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Divine Temple.png

Divine Temple is an Overworld Event.

Accept Pact Shards in exchange for upgrading spells or combining units.

Here, you may take to left upgrade for +10PactShards, take the right upgrade for +15PactShards, or engage the Pact for +25PactShards.

Left Upgrades (10PactShards)
  • Upgrade Spell Seekstone.png Seekstone: Intrinsic
  • Upgrade Spell Truestone.png Truestone: +10 magic Power and Piercing
  • Upgrade Spell Purgestone.png Purgestone: Purge and -1Ember.
Right Upgrades (15PactShards)
  • Upgrade Spell Twinstone.png Twinstone: Spellchain
  • Upgrade Spell Valuestone.png Valuestone: -2Ember
  • Upgrade Spell Extremestone.png Extremestone: +30 Magic Power

Engage Pact[]

Engage Pact.png

You can sacrifice one unit to infuse its essence into another unit, for +25PactShards.

This option can only be used once per Temple, and a non-champion unit can only be infused with up to one essence. The essence of the first chosen unit will be applied to the second chosen unit. Mechanically, the first unit will be purged from the deck with all upgrades on it and only the essence will be added to the second chosen unit. The second chosen unit will receive an updated visual indication of pink shards on the lower half for visualizing that it has been merged with another unit.

Table of Unit Essences

Unit Clan Rarity Hell's Banners.png Essence
Alpha Fiend.png
Alpha Fiend
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes +1Capacity and 'Strike: +5Attack.'
Branded Warrior.png
Branded Warrior
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes Slay: Apply Rage 3 to friendly units.
Consumer of Crowns.png
Consumer of Crowns
Hellhorned Rare Yes +10Attack, +10Health, and -3Ember.
Demon Fiend.png
Demon Fiend
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes +30Attack, +30Health, and +1Capacity.
Deranged Brute.png
Deranged Brute
Hellhorned Rare Yes +10Attack and Rage 10.
Horned Warrior.png
Horned Warrior
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes Multistrike 1 and Fragile.
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes Armor 30.
Hellhorned Uncommon Yes Resolve: Apply Armor 5 to friendly units.
Apex Imp.png
Apex Imp
Hellhorned Rare Yes Armor 10 and Rage 10.
Fledgling Imp.png
Fledgling Imp
Hellhorned Common Summon: Apply Rage 5 to friendly units.
Impish Scholar.png
Impish Scholar
Hellhorned Uncommon Summon: Return a random consumed spell to your hand.
Molting Imp.png
Molting Imp
Hellhorned Common Summon: Deal 15 damage to enemy units.
Pyre Chomper.png
Pyre Chomper
Hellhorned Uncommon -4Ember.
Queen's Impling.png
Queen's Impling
Hellhorned Common Summon: Deal 40 damage to the front enemy unit.
Hellhorned Rare Endless.
Welder Helper.png
Welder Helper
Hellhorned Common Armor 10 and 'Summon: Apply Armor 10 to friendly units.'
Animus of Speed.png
Animus of Speed
Awoken Uncommon Yes Quick.
Animus of Will.png
Animus of Will
Awoken Uncommon Yes -15Attack and Multistrike 1.
Husk Hermit.png
Husk Hermit
Awoken Uncommon Yes +30Health.
Shattered Shell.png
Shattered Shell
Awoken Uncommon Yes +3Attack, +10Health, and 'Slay: +3Attack.'
Edge Prior.png
Edge Prior
Awoken Uncommon +5Health and 'Resolve: Restore 5 health to friendly units.'
Shard Channeler.png
Shard Channeler
Awoken Rare Spikes 5 and 'Resolve: Apply Spikes 2 to friendly units.'
Wildwood Custodian.png
Wildwood Custodian
Awoken Uncommon Draw +1 each turn.
Awoken Hollow.png
Awoken Hollow
Awoken Uncommon Yes +15Attack, +15Health, +1Capacity, and 'Rejuvenate: Cultivate 2.'
Awoken Rare Yes +20Attack, +40Health, +1Capacity, and 'Rejuvenate: +1Attack.'
Thorned Hollow.png
Thorned Hollow
Awoken Uncommon Yes +15Attack, +15Health, +1Capacity, and Spikes 10.
Awoken Rare Yes +10Health and 'Summon: Add 3 Sting spells to your hand.'
Wilting Sapwood.png
Wilting Sapwood
Awoken Rare Yes +5Attack, +10Health, and -2Ember.
Stygian Guard Uncommon +5Attack, +3Health, and 'End of Turn: Apply Frozen to a random card in your hand.'
Eel Gorgon.png
Eel Gorgon
Stygian Guard Rare Yes Multistrike 1 and +1Ember.
Stygian Guard Common +5Attack, +3Health, and '+10 Magic Power on this floor'.
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +10Health and 'Strike: Apply Frostbite 3.'
Guard of the Unnamed.png
Guard of the Unnamed
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +10Health and 'Incant: Gain Armor 2.'
Icy Cilophyte.png
Icy Cilophyte
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +10Health and 'Action: Apply Spell Weakness 1 to enemy units.'
Nameless Siren.png
Nameless Siren
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +5Attack and 'Incant: Gain Rage 1.'
Siren of the Sea.png
Siren of the Sea
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +5Attack and 'Incant: +1Attack and +1Health.'
Titan Sentry.png
Titan Sentry
Stygian Guard Uncommon Yes +10Health and 'Revenge: Apply Frostbite 3 to enemy units.'
Glacial Seal.png
Glacial Seal
Stygian Guard Uncommon Incant: Apply Frostbite 2 to enemy units.
Guardian Stone.png
Guardian Stone
Stygian Guard Uncommon -5Attack and 'Incant: Apply Armor 1 to friendly units.'
Lodestone Totem.png
Lodestone Totem
Stygian Guard Rare Yes +2Ember and Incant: Apply Sap 1 to enemy units.'
Offering Monument.png
Offering Monument
Stygian Guard Rare Yes Draw +1 each turn.
Alloyed Construct.png
Alloyed Construct
Umbra Uncommon Yes Inert, Multistrike 1, and Gorge: Gain Fuel 1.
Ember Forge.png
Ember Forge
Umbra Uncommon +1Ember per turn.
Umbra Rare Yes +10Health and 'Hunger: Feed on units with Eaten.'
Umbra Rare Yes +60Attack, +50Health, and +2Capacity.
Crucible Collector.png
Crucible Collector
Umbra Uncommon Yes +10Attack, +10Health, and Lifesteal 5.
Crucible Warden.png
Crucible Warden
Umbra Uncommon Yes +10Attack, +10Health, and Damage Shield 5.
Umbra Uncommon Yes +5Health and 'Resolve: +6Attack and +6Health.'
Umbra Uncommon Yes When you summon a Morsel unit on this floor, create a copy.
Umbra Rare Yes +10Health and 'Gorge: +1Attack permanently.'
Umbra Uncommon Yes +10Health and 'Gorge: Restore 10 health.'
Entombed Explosive.png
Entombed Explosive
Melting Remnant Common Extinguish: Deal 50 damage to the front enemy unit.
Formless Child.png
Formless Child
Melting Remnant Rare Extinguish: +20Attack.
Molten Encasement.png
Molten Encasement
Melting Remnant Common Extinguish: Apply Stealth 2 to friendly units.
Remnant Host.png
Remnant Host
Melting Remnant Uncommon Extinguish: Summon 2 Draff units.
Melting Remnant Common Multistrike 1 and Burnout 1.
Melting Remnant Common +10Attack, +10Health, and Burnout 2.
Lady of the House.png
Lady of the House
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes +15Attack, +30Health, and Burnout 3.
Lady of the Reformed.png
Lady of the Reformed
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes +30Health and 'Summon: Apply Burnout 3 to friendly units.'
Legion of Wax.png
Legion of Wax
Melting Remnant Rare Yes +8Attack, +8Health, and 'Revenge: Summon 1 basic copy of Mote of Wax.'
Melting Remnant Uncommon Endless.
Big Sludge.png
Big Sludge
Melting Remnant Rare Yes +1Capacity and 'Harvest: Gain Rage 5.'
Bounty Stalker.png
Bounty Stalker
Melting Remnant Rare Yes Stealth 1 and 'Extinguish: +4Attack permanently.'
Devourer of Death.png
Devourer of Death
Melting Remnant Rare Extinguish: Deal 15 damage to enemy units.
Paraffin Enforcer.png
Paraffin Enforcer
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes Burnout 2 and 'Strike: Apply Rage 3 to friendly Burnout units.'
Paraffin Thug.png
Paraffin Thug
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes +10Attack and 'Slay: Gain 10Gold.'
Wickless Baron.png
Wickless Baron
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes Harvest: +2Attack and +2Health.
Wickless Tycoon.png
Wickless Tycoon
Melting Remnant Uncommon Yes +5Attack, +10Health, and 'Harvest: Gain 5Gold.'
Bog Chrysalis.png
Bog Chrysalis
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes Summon: Summon 2 Bog Fly units.
Bogdeep Cocoon.png
Bogdeep Cocoon
Wurmkin Rare Yes +20Attack, +10Health, +1Capacity, and Trample.
Kinhost Vessel.png
Kinhost Vessel
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes Armor 10 and 'Strike: Apply Reap 1 to enemy units.'
Wurmkin Rare Yes +20Health, +2Capacity, and 'Revenge: Apply Reap 5 to the attacking unit.'
Kinhost Carapace.png
Kinhost Carapace
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes Summon: +10Attack and +10Health
Bog Fly.png
Bog Fly
Wurmkin Common +5Health and '+5Attack per Echo.'
First of Kin.png
First of Kin
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes Etch: +5Attack.
Wurmkin Rare Yes +5Health and 'Etch: Apply Reap 2 to enemy units.'
Keeper of Echoes.png
Keeper of Echoes
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes +5Health and 'Inspire: +1Attack and +1Health'
Shardsoul Carver.png
Shardsoul Carver
Wurmkin Uncommon Yes +15Health, +1Capacity, and 'Inspire: +2Attack and Armor 2.'
Dante the Deceptive.png
Dante the Deceptive
Clanless Rare Yes Multistrike 1 and 'Summon: Add 1 Dante's Candle to your hand.
Spikedriver Colony.png
Spikedriver Colony
Clanless Uncommon +1Attack, +1Health, and Endless.
Train Steward.png
Train Steward
Clanless Common +5Attack and +15Health.
Heph the Blacksmith.png
Heph the Blacksmith
Clanless Rare Yes +30Attack, +30Health, +2Capacity and Trample.