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TheLastDivinity This article, Divine Temple, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Divine Temple.png

Divine Temple is an Overworld Event.

Accept Pact Shards in exchange for upgrading spells or combining units.

Here, you may take to left upgrade for +10PactShards, take the right upgrade for +15PactShards, or engage the Pact for +25PactShards.

Left Upgrades (10PactShards)
  • Upgrade Spell Seekstone.png Seekstone: Intrinsic
  • Upgrade Spell Truestone.png Truestone: +10 magic Power and Piercing
  • Upgrade Spell Purgestone.png Purgestone: Purge and -1Ember.
Right Upgrades (15PactShards)
  • Upgrade Spell Twinstone.png Twinstone: Spellchain
  • Upgrade Spell Valuestone.png Valuestone: -2Ember
  • Upgrade Spell Extremestone.png Extremestone: +30 Magic Power

Engage Pact[]

Engage Pact.png

You can sacrifice one unit to infuse its essence into another unit, for +25PactShards.

This option can only be used once per Temple, and a non-champion unit can only be infused with up to one essence. The essence of the first chosen unit will be applied to the second chosen unit. Mechanically, the first unit will be purged from the deck with all upgrades on it and only the essence will be added to the second chosen unit. The second chosen unit will receive an updated visual indication of pink shards on the lower half for visualizing that it has been merged with another unit.