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Eel Gorgon is a Banner Unit of the Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png.


The Titan's name has been lost to time, the Titan now trapped and harmless. But the name's power has lingered within the Sea and seeped into the life of all those within it. Creatures that once listened only to the needs of their survival have now become intelligent guardians of the Ring. The Power of the Name has not faded, only found new owners. It is a cycle unlike I've seen elsewhere.


Use stat buffs such as Rootseeds, Razorsharp Edge, and Steel Enhancer, as these will stick and not get cleared.

Keep in mind that, on the turn Eel Gorgon fights Relentless, its Multistrikes will last until the end of combat on its floor. Thus it may be effective to save for example Frozen spells to play on that turn.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Any pure stat increases are very good. As such Largestone can be good when the increased capacity does not lead to any problems.

Pacts & Unit Essence[]

Eel Gorgon essence itself gives Multistrike for a rather small negative effect of higher cost of a unit.

The essence of Alpha Fiend onto Eel Gorgon is of particular interest as the scaling can extremely quickly get out of control. Besides that any pure Damage and Stat scaling is very good as such units like Siren of the Sea can provide a very good essence onto Eel Gorgon. As pure stats are just very good on the unit, Demon Fiend or Shadowsiege can also be very good when enough capacity is available.

Additional Information[]

Eel Gorgon cannot be upgraded with upgrades that give it Status Effects, since those would just be cleared between turns anyway. This is also the case for quick granted by Wyldenten, the effect gets cleared and not reapplied.


See: Version History

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Eel Gorgon.