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Expert Challenges are a special game setting for standard runs in Monster Train, in which a specific set of Mutators is selected for the players to win with. Clans can be chosen by the player, but Covenant Rank is locked to Rank 25Covenant. Expert challenges can be used to complete logbook entries, such as card masteries and clan combination victories, but will not affect any Win streaks

Unlocking Expert Challenges[]

Expert Challenges are unlocked the first time the player wins a standard run on Covenant Rank 25.

Expert Challenges[]

Monster Train[]

Expert Challenges
Name Description Mutators
Controlled Chaos Start with a random deck and you can duplicate cards at merchants. Come Prepared.png Buying Power.png
Stewardship Start with powered-up Train Stewards but pay for it with a Tithe. At Your Service.png Tithe.png
Spellcraft A smaller hand, no discarding, and cheaper spells mean you need to make the most out of your cards. Small Hands.png Cheap Trick.png Magic Hand.png
True Champion You don't have a Champion and Dante will help you out instead. Fallen Champion.png Dante's Comedy.png
Overcharged Your Pyre can't take damage or you lose, but on the bright side, you have extra ember and capacity. Final Shard.png Burn Bright.png Mansion.png
Evil Eyes Your units have Permadeath and Heartless - but on the bright side everything has googly eyes? Permadeath.png Hollow.png Googly Eyes.png
Arcane Focus You get fewer coins and your units are Dazed for two turns, but use spell weakness to your advantage and you might still win. Tithe.png Arcane Allergy.png Starry Suffering.png
Corrosive Cash All units take damage at end of turn, and your units taking damage loses you money. Toss in all units have Multistrike for fun. Acid Rain.png Bleeding Cash.png Strike Hard.png
Pre-Loaded Cards have one upgrade slot and it's already filled. No Fluff.png Upgraded Drafts.png
Pure Chance Volatile Gauge, pre-determined paths, and a random Champion. May you be blessed. Broken Valve.png One Track Mind.png A New Challenger.png
Round and Round Spells hit random targets and units change spots every turn. Volatile Spells.png Musical Chairs.png
No Champion No Problem Your Champion is gone, but use the extra starter unit banners along with double triggers to win anyway. Fallen Champion.png Luxury in Limbo.png Highly Reactive.png
Dangerous Minds All your units count as all subtypes and you'll double your drafts, but the enemy units have Haste, so you better get the most out of it. Hivemind.png Levity.png Two for One.png
Extra Pain Train Minor bosses have Stealth, you start with Deadweights, and enemies have Spikes. Yeah, there's nothing good about this one. Ninja Training.png Pain Train.png Heavy.png
Fragile Collection The first unit you play every turn has Fragile, but there's extra Collectors and extra upgrade slots to make up for how annoying that is. Sacrificial.png Return on Investment.png Zoom, Enhance.png
Homework Prove that you can win once with no combat previews. The Math Challenge.png
Steward Stack Powered-up Stewards that you won't want to play. At Your Service.png A Simple Plan.png
Largest Lads Everything is big and getting dragged down. You can also upgrade them even more. Gravity.png Big Chungus.png Zoom, Enhance.png
Stealthiest Bosses Adding Duality to the Ninja Training mutator just so bosses can't get hit. Ninja Training.png Duality.png
Blighted Existence Sorry. Heavy.png Junked Up.png Magic Hand.png

The Last Divinity[]

requires The Last Divinity (DLC)

Expert Challenges
Name Description Mutators
Brains Over Brawn Your champion isn't up for a fight, but they know plenty of card tricks. Armchair General.png Magic Hand.png Two for One.png
Truer Champion You don't have a Champion and Heph will help you out instead. If I had a Hammer.png Fallen Champion.png
Make It Count You start with more cards and Ember, but your Pyre is Fragile. Come Prepared.png Early Lead.png Final Shard.png
The Hero We Need Your champion is amazing! Your spells... not so much. My True Form.png Arduous Arcana.png
War is Hell Their forces are strong and grow ever stronger. Fortunately, your troops aren't too shabby either. Hero's Burden.png The Elite.png Brawl.png


Playing Expert Challenges counts towards single player progress, such as unlocking cards or clans. Winning 15 Expert Challenges also unlocks a Card Frame and winning 25 Expert Challenges with a divine victory unlocks another Card Frame in The Last Divinity (DLC).


See: Version History 15 Expert Challenges were added in Wild Mutations and further updates added more.

Version Changes
1.1.2 The first 15 Expert Challenges were added.
1.2.5 5 more Expert Challenges were added to a total of 20.
2.0.0 5 more Expert Challenges were added for owners of The Last Divinity (DLC) to a total of 25.