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TheLastDivinity This article, Faulty Loader, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Faulty Loader is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


The armies of Heaven were able to board our train today... while it was moving! I’d be astonished at the concept if I weren’t preoccupied with the implications of this feat. Our end may be nearing faster than I’d hoped.


Faulty Loader applies Dazed 3 and Melee Weakness 1 to the first wave of enemies, making them unable to harm your units throughout their ascent of your train, though they will be able to attack your Pyre if they survive.

Faulty Loader gives you a full additional turn of setup without enemies applying offensive pressure on you, and the Melee Weakness alleviates early pressure on the Pyre as well. This is very strong, regardless of what floor you set up on. This is useful in a very wide variety of runs, and this Artifact should be strongly considered whenever offered.


See: Version History

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Faulty Loader.