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Fel, the Wings of Light is a second Major Boss in Monster Train.

At the beginning of the fight, Alabaster Guardians are summoned on each floor. Fel will then start applying varying effects, depending on the combat.

She is featured in the following Ring 6 combats:

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Once my closest ally, this Clipped legend has been able to create out of the Light that Heaven uses. I admire her ingenuity, but I'll never be able to forgive her for abandoning the two of us.

Battle Quotes[]

  • There are many things you don't know, Hellborne...
  • I've missed this train...
  • This is all my fault...
  • You don't know what it's like for the Winged.
  • I take no pleasure in this.
  • Heaven cannot fall because of me!
  • Did I make the wrong choice?
  • I'm doing what I must.
  • I'm only doing what I must, nothing more.
  • Ahh, how I've missed the feeling of flight.
  • How do you like my wings?
  • I will not waver again!
  • Herzal, forgive me.
  • Forgive me, Hellborne.
  • Without duty, what are we?
  • Herzal may have saved me, but Seraph made me what I am.
  • Is Herzal aboard?
  • Seraph demands this!
  • Seraph won't be quite as kind.