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For the major boss, see: Fel

"This Clipped warrior has become Winged once more, creating statues in her former image to block your assault."
— Combat Description

Fel, the Wings of Light: Eternal Crest is a combat that can appear in Ring 6.

As is typical with all Fel combats, 3 Alabaster Guardians are spawned, one on each floor. In this combat specifically, the Alabaster Guardians enter with Spell Shield 5. Every turn before Relentless, Fel gives all enemy units on a floor Armor 10.

The enemy waves in this combat feature Clipped Reflectors and Overcharged Tanks.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-2) Enemies (Cov 3-25)
1 Sycophant | Sycophant | Sycophant Sycophant | Sycophant | Sycophant
2 Clipped Reflector | Quill Marksman Clipped Reflector | Quill Marksman
3 Clipped Reflector | Sycophant | Sycophant Clipped Reflector | Sycophant | Sycophant
4 Clipped Guardian | Clipped Guardian Clipped Guardian | Clipped Guardian
5 Overcharged Tank | Sycophant Overcharged Tank | Clipped Guardian | Sycophant
6 Overcharged Tank | Quill Marksman Overcharged Tank | Quill Marksman
7 Overcharged Tank Overcharged Tank
8 Fel Fel