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Floor Overstacking is a Strategy in Monster Train to accumulate several units on a floor and exceed the Floor Capacity.

To have strong base stat units play a key role in a lategame strategy, Floor Overstacking, possibly also with high-Capacity floors, is key. Hidden Passage, Restoring Retreat and Cave In can move a friendly unit without downsides, while Dripfall, Trap Chute, and Tiresome Climb have downsides but are still useful for this strategy, do not require that the floor that the unit is being ascended or descended to have enough Capacity to hold the unit in order to work. (Those cards do require that the floor have less than 7 units, however.) This can be used to create a floor with a large number of units, allowing them to work together to take down threats while the front unit takes most of the damage.

Floor Overstacking can be done with any unit, but some units are primary targets for it as their ability benefits from multiple targets on a floor:

  • Echowright can work very well as Armor on all units as well as improved Hatching can benefit a large number of units on a floor quite easily.
  • Spine Chief can perform very well with Floor Overstacking as several paths benefit the whole floor, such as giving all units extra damage or applying Charged Echoes on strike, which is particularly useful on Relentless.
  • Wyldenten can enchant the whole floor with Quick.
  • Branded Warrior's ability benefits all units, but may often be low effect.
  • Deranged Brute's ability allows the whole floor to have increased damage from Rage. Several Deranged Brutes can benefit from this even more.
  • Guardian Stone can apply armor to all units on the floor for each incant.
  • Keeper of Echoes benefits the whole floor and having more than one of them increases that value further.
  • Paraffin Enforcer can work well in combination with a lot of Burnout Units that are not being reformed.
  • Steelworker is particularly strong for defensive purposes. This is particularly strong in combination with Apex Imp
  • Generally Incant and Inspire Units like to be on the same floor to all receive the maximum amount of triggers.
  • Generally Harvest Units can work quite well as a floor with many units increases the amount of enemies dying on that floor. One downsides is that the player can't play tombs or other units easily the Harvest units would benefit from.
  • Generally Low Health, but high Damage or Multistrike Units like to share benefits from other units and sit in the back to deal a lot of damage
  • Hollows can work well, if the player has AoE heal spells like Glimmer

Umbra (Shadowsiege is an exception) do not perform particularly well with Floor Overstacking usually as they heavily rely on playing Morsels and that is impossible without available Capacity. A floor can however be overstacked temporarily with Shroud Mitosis and Cave In bringing more Morsels into a floor with a Gorger. Further builds that rely on playing Imps, Tombs or reforming units quite heavily, such as builds involving Little Fade do not benefit from Floor Overstacking.