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Furnace Tap is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train. It is a consumable spell in the Umbra clan.


Much to my dismay, the Umbra are able to withstand the heat output from the furnaces on the Boneshaker, allowing them to commune with its power and use it for themselves - at the cost of energy to the train.


Furnace Tap is very powerful, but its Emberdrain 4 debuff will cripple you for future turns, realistically letting you play just 0Ember spells on future turns, unless the unit Furnace Tap was applied to dies.

Perils of Production has incredible synergy with this card. On turns after you play this card, if you draw Perils of Production, you can play Perils of Production after Emberdrain has drained your Ember and get 3Ember to play other cards - since Emberdrain cannot give you negative Ember, this will work no matter how much Emberdrain you accumulate on your units. The fact that Perils of Production's Rage goes well with Multistrike increases their synergy all the more.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone is good with Furnace Tap as it lets you save it until the boss appears, letting you use its benefit in the most important moment of the fight and not need to worry about its crippling downside, all while only needing to draw it once during the fight.
Upgrade Spell Stackstone.png Stackstone doubles the Multistrike given by this card, making it even more potent. It also doubles the Emberdrain to 8, so this upgrade requires you to have a plan to mitigate this downside, such as Freezestone or a Perils of Production with Holdover.
Upgrade Spell Eternalstone.png Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png If you have a Perils of Production with Holdover and a small deck, Eternalstone can be what it takes for your deck to go nuclear, giving a unit lots of both Multistrike and Rage. Giving this card a Keepstone can make this even more ridiculous if the stars align.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Furnace Tap.
1.1.2 Furnace Tap Rage reduced 4 -> 3.
1.3.0 removed Rage bonus from Furnace Tap.