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Golden Vault is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


We amassed what small gold we had over time, all of it plundered from the rarely-defeated Heavenly forces in hopes of stifling their war funding. Given the great wealth of Heaven, however, I don’t imagine they even noticed. It’s funny how quickly the afraid will empty their pockets in the off chance of retaining some control of their sanity.


Golden Vault forces you to lose 25Gold instead of losing (any amount of) Pyre health in combat.

It can occasionally be an interesting Artifact with other Pyre-enhancing relics such as Boon of the Blacksmith, Vapor Funnel, and especially Heaven's Gold, letting the Pyre itself be a part of your strategy, provided you amass enough Gold. It can also be a pretty nice pickup when a player tries to maximize Score, such as in Custom Challenge or Hell Rush mode, allowing you to maximize your score without worrying about a missed detail costing you points.

However, Golden Vault should usually be forgone in favor of a different Artifact or even skipped for 25Gold in many cases, as in general you want to be spending your Gold to prevent your Pyre from taking damage in the first place rather than having it stop damage once it occurs, and there are several ways of doing that.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Golden Vault.