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Heaven is a Realm.


There are three strata in Heaven society, Disciples, Clipped and Winged.

Some of the most important characters in the game are the three siblings Fel, Archus and Seraph, who are despite their power not titans, but use the titans strength to their benefit.


Disciples are Human followers of Seraph. They are usually encountered in Rings 1-3.

Daedalus, the Professor[]

For the major boss, see: Daedalus

Original engineer of the armor and weapons used by the Disciples, with specific knowledge of Seraph's Light and how to harness its energy. He was a chief contributor to the breaking of the Rail, something that impresses me almost as much as it angers me.

Talos, the Architect[]

For the major boss, see: Talos

In these visions, I've seen crystals used as prisons souls. "Shardsouls", they've been called. It seems their creator, a human of some ancient renown, created them to split the Divine Titans, but it's unclear why this happened, what became of the human Exile, or the importance of Humans in this forgotten tragedy.


Clipped are former Winged whose wings were forcefully removed as a form of punishment. They are usually encountered in Rings 4-6.

Fel, the Wings of Light[]

For the major boss, see: Fel

Once my closest ally, this Clipped legend has been able to create out of the Light that Heaven uses. I admire her ingenuity, but I'll never be able to forgive her for abandoning the two of us.

Fel is a Clipped. Herzal created wings out of Seraph's Light for her, but she was banished to the ground according to Archus. Her relationship to Herzal was described by him as 'unbreakable', but indeed broke when the Covenant was broken. Fel joined Seraph quickly when Seraph chose to invade Hell. Due to their previous relationship as closest allies, Fel gave Herzal a staff as well as the remains of the Pyre to help in the fights that would ensure during the invasion. Herzal knows that Fel could have been very well killed for these gifts.

During the events of the game, Fel is filled with guilt and fights the monsters only reluctantly asking Herzal for forgiveness and reconsidering her previous choices of joining Seraph.

Archus, Darkness Incarnate[]

For the major boss, see: Archus

Fel spoke of another sibling only once, saying he was both dark of wing and of mind. Seraph has also alluded to the imprisonment of their "forsaken brother", but my memory fails to provide more details on the mysterious Archus.

Archus was created in the Exodus. Archus seems to know about the gameplay loop, as he asks the monsters, how often they must defeat Seraph to question this reality and that they are doomed to cycle forever. Archus did not get his wings clipped, he was imprisoned as a punishment instead.


Winged are the highest class of society in Heaven. They are usually encountered in Rings 7 and 8.


For the major boss, see: Seraph

Breaker of the Covenant. Invader of Hell. Once a savior of Hell and guardian of Heaven, he worked with me to build the Rail. Now he's worse a monster than I ever could have imagined.

Seraph gained his power during the Exodus. He helped create the rail connecting Hell and was considered a savior of Hell and guardian of Heaven by Herzal until Seraph broke the Covenant and led the invasion of Hell. After the freezing of Hell, Seraph personally waits at the Heart of Hell for Herzal's group of monsters to return with the last shard of the pyre.