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"These Disciples have dedicated themselves to the service of Heaven and will attempt to restore the life of their companions."
— Combat Description

Heaven's Priests is a combat that can appear in Ring 1. It features the most Trusted Priests in a Ring 1 combat.

Like all non-boss combats, a Collector will appear on a random floor on wave 2.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-4) Enemies (Cov 5-25)
1 Forged Disciple | Trusted Priest Forged Disciple | Trusted Priest
2 Forged Disciple | Trusted Priest Forged Disciple | Discipled Footsoldier | Trusted Priest
3 A Brief Respite A Brief Respite
4 BOSS | Trusted Priest BOSS | Trusted Priest

The Ring 1 Boss can be either Discipled Inquisitor or Chains the Sighted, regardless of the combat.