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Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"Rally the aggressive demons of the Scorched plains. Overwhelm Seraph with imps and damaging warriors."

The Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png are a clan in Monster Train who are a relatively straightforward class with a focus on dealing damage via minion-to-minion combat. Their faction-specific cards focus on amplifying combat damage with Rage and mitigating incoming damage with Armor. Some Hellhorned cards also have specific synergy with Imps, and have powerful effects requiring Imp minions to be present on the battlefield, such as Consumer of Crowns and Imp-portant Work.

The Hellhorned are one of the few clans with reliable access to weak minion removal, and can begin a run with a targeted damage spell, Torch. Access to targeted removal spells (Torch, Horn Break) and area-of-effect spells (Vent, Inferno) mean that Hellhorned players have far less trouble killing low-HP units in the back lines compared to other clans.



Banner Units



Card Unlocks[]

  1. Hornbreaker Prince (unlocked by default)
  2. March of Shields, Ashes of the Fallen
  3. Imp-pressive, The Unbroken Horn
  4. Railbeater, Alloy of the Ancients
  5. Shardtail Queen, Tiresome Climb, Imp-cicle
  6. Last Stand, Grrrg's Goad
  7. Alpha Fiend, Dark Deal
  8. Imp-in-a-Box, Resonant Shard
  9. Transcendimp
  10. Onehorn's Tome