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Herzal was a Titan and character in the Lore of Monster Train. The logbook has his name written on it, indicating that all card descriptions were written by him. From Lore tooltips we know that Herzal is the forger of the rail connecting the Rings of Hell as well as the forger of the Covenant.


The following Poem was released as Promotion for the Herzal's Workshop Update

Now that the Rail had been set and the Covenant cast,
the Blacksmith could rest - though that peace would not last.
This Blacksmith, a Titan, once long ago, had Judged souls as good or as evil, although…
He thought ill of this Judgment — its wrongness, its spite
— and begged the Divines to make his life right.
Thus, humans were made in this strict moral Realm,
with souls that our Blacksmith gave humans to helm.
But the Divines quickly left, losing interest in moral,
the Blacksmith’s hubris to blame for this godly quarrel.
So, the Child was split, Mother soon to be felled,
while the Father remains to keep our Realm upheld.
This Blacksmith, our Herzal-once-Titan, forgot
the guilt he had felt and the pain he had wrought.
He banished his memory; reforged his life,
our Herzal-now-Father then ended our strife!
So, for now, he can rest and ignore his dark past,
but destiny grumbles to find him at last.
His Rail was our peace, his Judgment our doom,
But his sins on the Realm will make Hell our tomb.