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Highpriest to the Light is a Boss and a Disciple in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 2.

(DLC) It may also appear as a wave enemy on Ring 9.


Only a select few Disciple Priests have ever been admitted into Seraph's retinue. Ever eager to be the only one with Seraph's ear, the Highpriest discredited the others through well-placed lies or, in some cases, untimely deaths.

Battle Quotes[]

  • You stop here.
  • For Master Seraph and the Winged!
  • Turn back now.
  • Leave so we can finish our work here.
  • The Master will appreciate our victory.
  • For my Master!
  • This is the end for you.
  • How can you live in this wretched place?
  • Hell is no more!
  • We are steadfast in our calling.