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Hope for Peace is an Artifact in Monster Train that can be found in the Concealed Caverns.


As elusive as their name, these bright flowers bloom briefly in the cracked soil of the Scorched Plains, quickly smothered by the harsh environment.


As the Armageddon Battlefield event can only happen in the first Concealed Caverns event in the game, you will know quite early on in a run that you will eventually get Hope for Peace. This knowledge can be useful when considering choices that may appear later on in the game.

If you see the Nexus Spike events, it can be useful to use Unhinged Power to copy a card 3 times and only give it consume instead of purge. Further this means that a expensive card becomes 0Ember. Similarly Spell Railspike can be very good.

Cursed Vines gives a purge spell every turn, which means that with Hope for Peace, Etch strategies can work out quite well.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Hope for Peace.
1.2.5 Hope for Peace now only affects Spells to avoid common confusion with Monster Railspike.
1.2.6 fixed an issue with Hope for Peace and duplicating Purge cards that could result in Purge coming back.
2.0.1 BUG FIX - fixed softlock with combination of Hope for Peace, Spell Railspike, and Wurmkin cards that bring cards back from the Consume pile.