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Hosting Kin is a Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png Card in Monster Train.


There is no mistaking the lineage connecting the Wurmkin to the Bogwurm Titan, but the hard-shelled Kinhosts do strike me as odd residents of this place. Some discarded stoneform mentions that they were the original inhabitants of this Ring, once a verdant place, but were enslaved by the Wurmkin as Echo vessels. Stoneform claims this was a blessing to the previously languishing Kinhost, an elevation of their lowly status. However, these discarded records and dismissive rationales make me think them to be downplayed atrocities.


Suggested Upgrades[]


See: Version History

In the limited Beta release of 2.0, Hosting Kin did not have consume, but had Extract 1.

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Hosting Kin.