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Husk Hermit is a Banner Unit of the Awoken Clan Awoken.png.


Using Wildwood sap to expedite the growth of their vines, these Animus inhabit the remains of their armor. Their larger vines allow them to strike multiple enemies at once, while still being able to retreat into their shell if necessary.


Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Speedstone.png Speedstone is effective on units with Sweep affixes because the unit can kill the lower health enemy units on the floor before they have a chance to attack. This pairs well with Strengthstone.
Upgrade Unit Strengthstone.png Strengthstone is effective on Husk Hermit as it has the Sweep affix. The additional +10Attack bonus allows it to kill a few additional backline enemies at ring 7 and beyond.
Upgrade Unit Battlestone.png Upgrade Unit Largestone.png Battlestone and Largestone can be more effective than Strengthstone on Husk Hermit, as past Ring 7 the enemies that Husk Hermit can kill have 10Health or less, and Battlestone improves its survivability as well.
Upgrade Unit Heartstone.png Heartstone can be effective on Husk Hermit as it can often be used as both a tank and a way to clear back line enemies with its fairly high 30Health. 5Attack is just enough for Husk Hermit to do most of what it wants to do most of the time, so doubling up on Heartstone is an option.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Husk Hermit.
1.1.2 Husk Hermit attack increased 3 -> 5.