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Immortal Trade is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train. It is a spell in the Umbra clan.


An unfortunate outcome of our invention, Void consumption has become an addictive practice amongst the Umbra. When that no longer satiates their hunger, the entire replacement of self with these Void shards becomes the only way to gain any satisfaction.


Immortal Trade gives a unit 4 Lifesteal but inflicting the Emberdrain effect on that unit, crippling your Ember on future turns unless the unit dies. It can help a powerful unit stay alive in the right context, but at a cost of 3Ember over the next 2 turns (assuming no other Emberdrain effects).

If you do not have any synergies with Immortal Trade, it can sometimes be worth enduring the Emberdrain effect and playing it anyway, as 4 Lifesteal is quite good on Penumbra, especially on its Monstrous upgrade line, and other high-Attack and moderate-Health units. Unlike Perils of Production and Void Binding, it isn't possible to meaningfully play Immortal Trade on a unit that you plan to kill before next turn except against a boss, so if you cannot build around this card's strengths and weaknesses it is a high removal priority.

This card is at its best when you are able to manage the Emberdrain debuff by building around it and other Emberdrain cards, either using Perils of Production or by aggressively reducing the cost of this card and other cards in the deck to 0Ember. The fact that it itself costs 0Ember without upgrades makes it very easy to fit into those decks.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Stackstone.png Stackstone can be a good upgrade on Immortal Trade provided you are building around it and other Emberdrain cards, causing it to give 8 Lifesteal. An Emberstone pairs well with this upgrade to get the Ember cost back to 0, especially if you are creating a deck with mostly 0Ember spells to get around Emberdrain's downside.
Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone can be a solid upgrade on Immortal Trade, as you may not want to play it on turn 1 or 2 before you've played all your units (in the 0Ember spell archetype) or drawn your Holdover Perils of Production (in that archetype). In addition, even in a deck that isn't building around Emberdrain, this upgrade can be useful, allowing you to play it just as the boss appears for up to 4 more turns of survivability, or 8 with Stackstone. Being able to play it when it's time to is worthwhile.
Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png Keepstone can be a good upgrade on Immortal Trade in a deck that aims to have mostly 0Ember spells and play Emberdrain cards at will, as playing it every turn is quite strong, and having at least one card every turn that costs 0Ember improves your deck's consistency. It can be good on a Holdover Perils of Production deck too, but be wary that 2 cards with Holdover will make your draw through other cards quite slow.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Immortal Trade.