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Imp-cicle is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


When Seraph shattered our hell Pyre and Hell froze over, many unsuspecting Imps were caught in the ice. Taken aboard the Boneshaker, the Pyre shard slowly melts them free.


Imp-cicle generates a random Imp card every turn as long as your hand is not full, ensuring that you have a unit to block every turn and a variety of other benefits.

Imp-cicle is usually a solid early-game pickup, as the random Imp you get each turn blocks an attack from an enemy if nothing else, and will provide you with some Rage from Fledgling Imp, some situationally useful damage from Queen's Impling or Molting Imp, extra durability from Welder Helper, Ember from Pyre Chomper, or occasionally something crazy from Transcendimp. Imp-cicle usually finds a way to be useful for most of the game.

Having Imp-cicle makes Imp-portant Work and Imp-pressive much more draftable (and good Holdover candidates), as they will consistently have a use every turn. These cards, or Shardtail Queen's Imperialist line ability, are also usually important pieces for the lategame with this Artifact, as otherwise the imps may start getting in your way, either taking up Capacity or card draw later in the game if you don't have another way to consistently keep them dying.

Ashes of the Fallen powers up every Imp you get from this, and Queen's Tail effectively makes the imps free Ember-wise and give you an extra card draw each turn to boot.

Imp-cicle is a strong Artifact if picked up early, and there are ways to keep it relevant lategame too. It should usually be skipped if found later and your run isn't able to keep the imps cycling, either because of the Imps' Ember cost or because it cannot kill off the Imps.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Imp-cicle.
2.0.0 Imp-cicle can now give Queen’s Impling. Additionally, the chances of getting Imp Scholar and Transcendimp were increased slightly.