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An Infinite is a combination of cards that allows the player to play as many cards as they want without being forced to end the turn by having no card left to play. This article presents a list of known infinites sorted by the main card used in the strategy. Key points that all these strategies have in common is that they are Draw Neutral or Draw Positive, which means that on average for every drawn card the player can create or draw at least one other card. Most of the time, a particularly small hand size is required, so that the draw pile does not feature additional cards that do not help for this synergy. There are several strategies to get to a small deck size:

  • A low Covenant Level Covenant starts the player with a smaller starter deck with fewer deadweights, increasing the chance for the player to be able to remove enough cards
  • Purging cards is crucial over the run. Purging spells should be a priority as Units, such as Train Stewards can often be placed down and thus removed from the draw pile.
  • Consuming cards can help to create a smaller deck to allow for an infinite. This can be done by the Shop upgrade, but also with specific cards during the fight, such as Returned Soul or Sacrificial Resurrection.

Infinites need some form of scaling to be beneficial to the player.

All cards that say Draw without the words next turn and cards that Return consumed spells, can be combined for Infinites. You need at least one of these cards to create an infinite, these cards are:


Impish Scholar[]

see: Impish Scholar

  • Clan Hellhorned.png An endless Impish Scholar will draw itself and Imp-portant Work if it has consume and is the only card in the consume pile.
  • Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Stygian Guard.png Similarly to the strategy above, Deep Offering and any damage spell can be used. This requires Ember generation
  • Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Umbra.png Similarly to the strategy above, Prism Retrieval and any damage spell can be used. This scales Impish Scholar's damage and reduces it's cost, providing scaling.


see: Transcendimp

  • Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Stygian Guard.png Similarly to the strategy above, Deep Offering and any damage spell can be used.
  • Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Umbra.png Similarly to the strategy above, Prism Retrieval and any damage spell can be used. This scales Transcendimp's damage and reduces it's cost, providing scaling.


Awoken's Rail Spike[]

see: Awoken's Rail Spike

  • Clan Awoken.png Two consume removed Awoken Railspikes and cost reductions or The First Hellpact is enough to infinitely draw Awoken Railspike. This combined with an Incant trigger or a damage spell such as Sting in the deck is enough for the Infinite.

Stygian Guard[]

Deep Offering[]

  • Clan Stygian Guard.png 3 Deep Offerings with Value Stone and Eternal Stone is enough to maintain an Infinite, so long as either Kinstone Totem, or Lightstone Casing is used with Emberstone. Tethys Titansbane with Conduit makes it easier to use offensive spells as well.
  • Clan Stygian Guard.png If Spellchain is applied, then the loop is maintainable with only 1 Deep Offering, but requires Kinstone Totem or other means of regaining Ember

Gifts for a Guard[]

  • Clan Stygian Guard.png Clan Wurmkin.png Two Gifts for a Guard and two Wurmkin Etchings provide an infinite but require a very small deck as no other spells are allowed to be consumed. The infinite starts when all 4 cards have consume and are 0 cost by using Gifts for a Guard.

Offering Monument[]

see: Offering Monument

  • Clan Stygian Guard.png Clan Wurmkin.png With one Offering Monument and an infused Echo Infusion you are infinite when you have your whole deck in hand or consumed and thus redraw Echo Infusion on every second play.


Melting Remnant[]


see: Votivary

  • Clan Melting Remnant.png With Waxer Snuffer and a 0 Ember Damage Spell such as Subsuming Blade, you can kill Votivary with the damage spell when you have your whole deck in hand or consumed and draw Votivary and your damage spell every time you kill Votivary. This is already Infinite, but if the damage card is not Subsuming Blade, there is no scaling, for scaling you need a Harvest trigger on the same floor, Resin Block to scale Votivary, A fatal Melting or Memento Mori to scale with each kill.
    • Note: As of Build #12844 (possibly earlier) this combo requires 2 copies of Votivary and two 0 Ember Damage Spells, as the draw takes place before Votivary and the spell are added back into the deck.


Ambient Charge[]

see: Ambient Charge

  • Clan Wurmkin.png Two Ambient Charge with Consume, and two zero cost Wurmkin Etchings are infinite if a floor has 3 unremovable Charged Echoes UnremovableEcho, or if the spells all have infuse - for example by starting with Broken Memories. You can add any one additional card with Consume and keep getting it back each loop. To give the Ambient Charges Consume you can have them hit each other during a fight (tricky), or use effects like Total Recall. Note that the addition of Consume to a spell by Seraph the Diligent won't work, it goes away after the first return to hand.

Broken Memories[]

see: Broken Memories

Returned Soul[]

see: Returned Soul

  • Clan Wurmkin.png Returned Soul with Heaven's Finest Upgrade that puts a copy to the discard pile is a one card infinite that does not require a small deck size, you only need two cards, once you draw the second one regardless of having played the first one, you are infinite. Total Recall can work as well, but requires a small enough card pool in the discard pile.


Excavated Ember[]

  • Clan Clanless.png Two Excavated Ember with consume remove and potentially spell chain (then one copy is enough) is infinite in a small enough deck so that you cycle thru 2 copies infinitely and gain Ember by doing so.

to add[]

  • Impish Scholar + Sacred Wicks + Impressive Work (with Emberstone and Surgestone) + Ashes of the Fallen or Transcendimp
  • Kinstone Totem and a small enough deck Endless Scholar Imp and a consume Imp-Portant Work should also go infinite
  • Returned Soul can give consume to Imp-Portant work. Use it on endless imp scholar, get Imp-Portant work back. Ambient charge can do the same, tho targeting work will be harder. Same for total recall, but then you'll need to remove consume from recall or get it out of consume pile.