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Infused Mallet is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


The first to hammer the Rail of the Covenant. It served me well, but the time it spent with the Pyre filled it with an energy that is too powerful to contain.


Infused Mallet has a 25% chance of dealing damage to incoming enemies, which frequently kills Support-class enemies before they get to do anything, even on later Rings.

Infused Mallet makes Mark of Invasion more manageable, and partially solves the question of how to deal with Support-class enemies, letting you focus on other matters, though its chance-based nature means it should not be relied too heavily upon. That said, it usually make the first few Rings quite a bit easier, so a run that starts out weak may find this a good pickup, and unlike similar Artifacts like Jackstrips, it retains value later in the game, as 5 damage is an important threshold for killing Support-class enemies.

However, Infused Mallet's value takes a hit in The Last Divinity (DLC), as the 5 damage threshold becomes a lot less important if you have taken a lot of Pact Shards - Pact Shard-enhanced Support-class enemies stop being susceptible to being killed by this Artifact by Ring 4. As such, it only remains useful in the early Rings, before you have taken a lot of Pact Shards, or in runs that stay relatively low on Pact Shards throughout the run.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Infused Mallet.