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Intent on Death is a Melting Remnant Clan Melting Remnant.png Card in Monster Train.


Votive Houses can become crowded and melting away is a long process. To avoid the wait, I've seen some Waxers increase the intensity of their flame through extreme focus, though they typically lose consciousness briefly after doing it.


The card is very powerful in combination with Little Fade and/or Legion of Wax.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Eternalstone.png Eternalstone is exteremely important on Intent on Death if you have units that have powerful extinguish effects.
Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png Keepstone can be strong on Intent on Death, but is only usable if it already has eternalstone, and since it costs 2 ember without cost-reducing upgrades it would be fairly expensive to play every turn.
Upgrade Spell Emberstone.png Emberstone can be good if Intent on Death has Eternalstone, as otherwise it will cost 2 energy, and the upgrade is incredibly useful if you find a way to apply it while Intent on Death already has Eternalstone and Keepstone (likely using Lightstone Casing).


See: Version History

Intent on Death gained substantially in Power with the addition of Little Fade in the Friends and Foes Update and was hence nerfed in the same update.

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Intent on Death.
1.2.5 Intent on Death rarity was changed from Uncommon -> Rare. Ember cost increased 0 -> 2.
2.0.0 Intent on Death was cost 2 and now has Consume and is cost 1.