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Iron Dropcage is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


As invasions of the Boneshaker have become more frequent, I’ve devised a number of traps and devices to subdue any unwanted guests. These cages should hold them back temporarily when they board the train.


Iron Dropcage applies Dazed 2 to enemies when a spell that Ascends or Descends them.

Its value is situational, as you may or may not have spells that Ascend or Descend units. Obviously, if you do not, this Artifact has no value, making other Artifacts or 25Gold preferable.

Even if you do, Ascend or Descend effects are often at their best when used on your own units for Floor Overstacking, so this Artifact may still not be worth it. However, this Artifact can be a useful part of your strategy if you apply Keepstone to cards with such effects (or have a small deck, or for some other reason are able to play cards with these effects many times), as it means that you'll have plenty of opportunities to use ascend/descend spells on Support-class enemies or even weakened Heavy-class enemies by ascending them to the Pyre or ascending/descending them to another dangerous floor, or just incapacitating enemies that give you Scourges like Purifier while they ascend your train if you set up on higher floors.

Additional Information[]

Iron Dropcage works even if the Ascend/Descend effect doesn't actually work on its target, such as when they are Rooted, on the bottom floor when Descended, on a pre-Relentless flying boss on the 3rd floor, or The Last Divinity.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Iron Dropcage.
1.1.2 Iron Dropcage now triggers even if the unit can't move, for example if it's in the bottom floor and you cast Dripfall on it. Iron Dropcage now triggers on Flying Bosses before the relentless phase if you cast a spell like Dripfall on them. Iron Dropcage dazed stacks reduced 3 -> 2 since it is now much easier to trigger.