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Kinhost Carapace is a Banner Unit of the Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png.


Once impaled with Echoes, the Kinhost lose all sense of self, their will entirely determined by the will of the Echoes that now reside within it. It’s hard to imagine that a soul can be so completely eradicated. In an earlier life I may have done more to find a peaceful compromise. Now, I’d rather stay as far away from Judgement as possible.


Additional Information[]

Kinhost Carapace's ability cannot cause it to grow to more than 6 capacity. If summoned while already at this size (via either Reform or Endless), it will continue to gain stats, but will not become larger.

Suggested Upgrades[]

As of 2.1, there is a bug in the game, such that the upgrade +1Attack on revenge from the Abandoned Winged Concealed Caverns event triggers the when played effect of Kinhost Carapace


See: Version History

In the Beta version of 2.0.0, Kinhost Carapace had a summon trigger, which meant that Transcendimp would copy it and become very big as well as Summon Trigger abilities triggering twice being extremely potent.

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Kinhost Carapace.