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Last Knight of the Disciples is a Boss and a Disciple in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 2.

(DLC) It may also appear as a wave enemy on Ring 9.


The Knights of the Disciples were the first humans to charge into battle when our Covenant was broken. Now only one remains to uphold their ancient creed.

Battle Quotes[]

  • My Creed is resolved to ending you!
  • You stop here.
  • I am not the last of my creed because I am weak.
  • Turn back now.
  • Hmmmmph.
  • I'd rather not fight, but I will if I must.
  • My Creed allows it!
  • I have not survived this long to be stopped here.
  • This is the end for you.
  • Seraph, forgive me.
  • This will not end well for you.
  • Stop now.