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Legion of Wax is a Banner Unit of the Melting Remnant Clan Melting Remnant.png.


When Waxers are reduced to almost nothing, but still cling to what life is left within, they will sometimes band together for protection. This creates a new form that is collectively controlled by this collection of dying Waxers.


Taking the Waxer Snuffer artifact allows Legion of Wax to last an incredibly long time, and to create what is effectively a damage buffer. This synergizes awkwardly with burnout, if you reform the legion, as half of your buffered units will not form, due to the 7 unit limit in rooms. However, this can also be beneficial for clearing rooms and for ensuring maximum damage output towards a group of enemies.

The Resin Block also synergizes well with Legion of Wax (assuming you can reform it), as stat changes apply to children too. This can maximize damage output of your legion, provided you can kill its first stage, and clear the floors again fast enough. Wicked Blaze is a good choice to reform it for similar reasons.

If you have the capacity and the necessary cards, you may also want to place it behind a tankier unit and kill it, and potentially the twins of wax as well, yourself. This can allow you to maximize the effectiveness of any damage boosts without the child creatures being exposed directly to attacks. A Subsuming Blade that has killed one unit deals enough damage to kill an unupgraded Legion of Wax, leaving any armor or shield intact to be inherited by the Twins of Wax, and will get a permanent damage boost when doing so.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Largestone.png Largestone is effective on Legion of Wax because the benefit it provides also apply to both Twin of Wax and Mote of Wax. Legion of Wax, due to its capacity, usually occupies a floor by itself. The additional +1Capacity capacity, though it prevents you from placing it on one of your three floors (at high Covenants, and assuming no capacity upgrades) is still a minor drawback relative to how it impacts other units.
Upgrade Unit Frenzystone.png
Multistrike is effective on Legion of Wax because the benefit it provides also applies to its children. This burns effectively through large floors of tanks, during the last tier of the Legion of Wax.
Upgrade Unit Furystone.png Most Clan specific upgrades can be very effective when multiplied by all the units a Legion of wax can produce, but Furystone can make it especially deadly, not only granting each child creature 7 rage, but allowing them to retain however much rage the parent creature had.
Upgrade Unit Heaven's Aid.png Many event upgrades also have obvious potential for the Legion of Wax, with variants of Heaven's Aid and Heaven's Finest being especially powerful. The Endless variants aren't especially impressive unless you have Resin Block, but the others can provide sizable boosts to damage output.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Legion of Wax.
2.0 Added Essence: "+8Attack, +8Health, and 'Extinguish: Summon 2 basic copies of Twin of Wax.'"
2.1 Legion of Wax essence extinguish trigger changed to a revenge trigger and “Twin of Wax” changed to “Mote of Wax” (so, basically, every time the unit takes damage from any source, it pops out a 1-capacity chump blocker).