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Light's Gift is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Our time together was brief, but our bond was unbreakable. However, when the Covenant was broken, my hope for what was unbreakable was shattered as well. I keep her gift close to my heart to remember what we had and what was lost.


Light's Gift applies Dazed 1 to normal enemies and Relentless bosses when they Ascend to the 3rd floor for any reason, meaning that they will not be able to attack units that you place on the 3rd floor. This means that these units will rarely be attacked in most combats prior to the boss arriving there.

Light's Gift is very strong if you set up on the 3rd floor, mostly negating the need for defense until the boss arrives on that floor and allowing you to focus on boosting your units up offensively instead (though some defensive scaling is generally required for bosses). If offered early in a run, Light's Gift should be strongly considered, and it should usually be taken if you are setting up (or can set up) on the 3rd floor regardless of when it is offered. If you are offered it later in a run but setting up on the 3rd floor is not feasible, Light's Gift doesn't do much and should be passed. In a few runs, you may want your units to die on the 3rd floor, in which case you definitely should not take Light's Gift.

Although Light's Gift protects your 3rd floor units in most combats, you will eventually need to prepare for the few combats in which it doesn't, if those combats are present on your run:

  • Spikes on enemies can still damage your units (be wary of taking Retribution if your 3rd floor is too frail)
  • The Crystalcloak can still be a threat if you don't eventually scale your units' defense, as Light's Gift will only cancel out 1 of his Stealth
  • Talos, the Architect attacks pre-relentless, and Light's Gift will not daze her then
  • Seraph the Chaste can sometimes cleanse Dazed from enemies after they arrive on the 3rd floor
  • Seraph the Patient attacks pre-relentless, and Light's Gift will not daze him then
  • The Last Divinity (DLC only) is never dazed by Light's Gift, attacks the 3rd floor every turn, and has Sweep on the 3rd floor


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Light's Gift.
1.1.2 Changed the order of operations on Cleanse Seraph so it does the cleanse effect before spawning a minion. This benefits the player - now effects like Light's Gift can apply to summoned minions.