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Lightstone Casing is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


After the Pyrestone brace proved to be wildly successful, Seraph stole my design and created a similar device to infuse the stones with Light instead. As is his way, he created a housing much more ostentatious than the simple one I created for Hell.


Lightstone Casing increases the number of Upgrades that spells can have by 1, which in a standard run gives them 3 slots to work with. (Even without this Artifact, spells can have any number of upgrades applied to them through events in Concealed Caverns, but with Lightstone Casing, Merchants of Magic and Divine Temples (DLC only) can now apply upgrades to spells with 2 prior upgrades.)

Lightstone Casing allows you to create very powerful spells and is at its best in a focused, small deck where those spells are played over and over, or upgraded with Keepstone and/or Seekstone (DLC only) to ensure their consistent use.

It's worth taking early if you can handle the lack of immediate early game value. If offered later in the run, consider whether you can path to Merchants of Magic profitably, and if you have already twice-upgraded spells that could considerably benefit from an additional upgrade.

Lightstone Casing allows for many different ways to build powerful, game-breaking combos, so take this Artifact when you can and go crazy!


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Lightstone Casing.